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Name the four universals of human language:
1. semanticity (parsing sound into meaning)
2. discrete infinity of words
3. embedded clauses
4. recursive generativity (infinite combinations of meanings, arbitrariness means lying possible)
give two pieces of evidence for the modular functioning of the brain
1. Williams syndrome: great language, absolutely no cognitive skills
2. damage to certain parts of the brain: cognition intact, language destroyed (broca's area)
What's the Wada test?
anesthetic shuts down one hemisphere at a time, used to determine which functions lateralize to which hemisphere
What's up with Broca's Area
respondsible for production. If damaged, comprehension still good, can't produce.
What's up with the Arcuate Fascicles?
Arcuate Fascicles connect Broca to Wernicke. --> conduction aphasia, spontaneous speech difficult as is repeating words
What's up with Wernicke's Area
respondsible for comprehension. Very fluid production but it means nothing

WWWWasimmer, du LABBERST!
LH does what?

RH does what?
LH - language production, comprehension

RH - Prosody (intonation, sarcasm, the acting bits)
Examples for proto-language areas in...
chimps, apes, bonobos, macaque monkeys. LH activation after vocalization
Pro chompsky, anti skinner argument
1. generativity
2. prepared learning
3. poverty of stimulus argument
4. language teaching is new
Equipotentiality; what is it, who discovers it?
Eimas study: infants distinguish all sounds
neural commitment
categorical boundaries form that are language specific
Sapir-Whorf hypothesis
language influences thought
examples for sapirwhorf
amazonian tribes: only have certain numbers
whats the language gene
FOXP2, seen in lots of animals, human rapid evolution of FOXP2