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What microscope allows light rays to pass through a slide/specimen and then through various lenses to the eye
Brightfield microscope
What does the microscope condenser do?
collects and directs light from under the stage
What is the diaphragm?
part of the condenser that controls the amount of light coming through
What is resolution?
The ability to distinguish 2 adjacent points as separate objects based upon resolving power
What 3 things determine resolution?
numerical aperture, wavelength of light, and design of the condenser
How do you increase resolution?
decrease the wavelength, condenser at highest position so more light can enter, diaphragm should be opened a little for less contrast but higher numerical aperture, and immersion oil
What is numerical aperture?
The measure of a lens' ability to capture light coming from a specimen and use it to make the image; increases with the use of oil and the higher objectives
What is the formula for the limit of resolution?
D= wavelength/NA condenser+NA objective lens
What is phase-contrast microscopy?
allows one to view living transparent organisms using phase (wavelength shifts) principles of light to produce dark objects in a bright background
What kingdom do protozoa belong to?
What eukaryotic microbes are unpigmented and motile?
What eukaryotic microbes are greenish or golden brown?
What kingdom do algae belong to?
What organisms are blue-green?
What kingdom to cyanobacteria belong to?