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What is Climate Change?

Climate change is the act if harmful gases let out, trapping in the sun's heat and leads to an increase of temperature. It is caused by humans and naturally.

Explain the 4 natural causes of climate change.

1. Sunspot Theory - The sunspot theory is when the more sunspots there are, the more heat is produced, warming our eath significantly. Sunspots are identified as large black areas.

2. Volcano Theory - When a large volcanic event occurs, it pumps up thick ash and dust which stops heat from penetrating the earth's atmosphere. This creates a cooling effect.

3. Aestroid Theory - Similar to the Volcano Theory, when an aestroid hite the earth's surface, many clumps of dust is emitted to the atmosphere and cools down the earth.

4. Eclipse Theory - Every 100,000 years, the eclipse happens. The earth orbits the sun in an oval shape and when the earth is most furthest away, it is most coolest. If it is the opposite, the earth is hotter.

Explain the 3 human causes of climate change.

1. Deforestation - When we cut down trees, our source of oxygen lowers. With a lot of harmful gases in the air, plants are able to take it in however, plants are decreasing therefore harmful gases are not getting rid of.

2. Agriculture Theory - The more cows that are being produced means that more methane is emitted.

3. Fossil Feuls Theory - All around the world, we burn fossil feuls which results in producing bad gases. This traps in the sun heat and contributes to global warming.

Describe the green house effect.

The green house effect is the process of the sun giving light and UV rays. Some of the light is reflected off however, most of it is absorbed by the Earth to keep life alive. The heat from light are absorbed by greenhouse gases. So the more greenhouse gases clogging the atmosphere, the more heat will be absorbed.

Explain the effect of climate change globally.

Sea levels:

Since it is getting hotter, polar ice caps are melting which makes more water. South Asian countries such as Bangladesh and the Maldives are at major risk since their land is close to sea level. This is a danger to many lives and many will try to immigrate.


Crops could be wiped out due to flooding and natural disasters caused by climate change. With less crops available, prices will increase.

Natural Disasters:

More floods, earthquakes, forest fires and hurricanes will be triggered as they are activated by hot weather.