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immigrants from england labeled german americans as inferior. which one of the following best describes this labeling?
there are 8 states that the U.S. conquered and bought from Mexico. what is not one of them?
in our story about Paris, why were the venders running from the cops?
-they were illegal immigrants
-they were doing business in a restricted for business area
-they had arrest warrants out
they were doing business in a restricted for business area
which one of the following nations is a pluralist state?
according to the immigration act of 1990, who has the largest quota of immigration?
- relatives of american citizens
-educated professionals
-people from ireland
-professional nurses
relatives of american citizens
KKK believes that white people are superior by birth. which theory describes this?
-caste analysis
it was argued in our lectures that ruling class tends to use divide and rule policy to maintain their control over people. this idea was presented by...?
-structural functional perspective
-conflict perspective
-noel theory of ethnic stratification
noel theory of ethnic stratification
according to noel's theory of ethnic stratification, what is the primary reason of ethnic stratification?
-limited resources
-large population
-limited resources and ever increasing population
limited resources and ever increasing population
what is internal colonialism?
-domination of a nation over another
-domination of rich and powerful over their own people
-both a and b
domination of rich and powerful over their own people
which theory suggests that education and wealth cannot bridge the gap between classes?
the caste analysis
the story about my experience in a grocery store when the clerk said "we do not accept food stamps" illustrates...?
which concept describes the statement "brunettes are smart"?
biological theories on poverty were influenced by...?
-Social darwinism
-bell curve theory
-theory of law and natural selection
social darwinism
in their book BELL CURVE, Herrnstein and Murray gives reasons for poverty. Which is one?
-People born with low IQ tend to be in poverty
-People born with high IQ tend to be rich
-over time increase in the # of poor people is a consequence of high fertility of poor
popular view on poverty suggests that poor are poor by choice. which group agrees?
-rich people
-poor people
-structural functional perspective
the concept of survival of the fittest suggests that those who are the best succeed in life. which theory best describes this?
social darwinism
farmers around the globe are using more land to grow...?
cash crops
in most nations, production of food, distribution of food, and access to food are the primary determinant of hunger. which one of these variable is one of the reasons for hunger in the USA?
access to food
Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh won a nobel prize for economics...why?
He made the Grameen Bank
according to conflict perspective, who is responsible for poverty and hunger?
-people themselves
-poor environments
the before and after photo of a teenager in class was from
the story about the boy who said "its not my turn to eat today" was from
-U.P of Michigan
-Appalachia Mountains
Appalachia MT.
What was the reason of the collapse of the generator in Ngala, Nigeria?
It was not compatible to the local economic and cultural conditions
What is Bohemian Club?
race and gender biased club of rich Americans who assemble every year to celebrate their wealth and talent
in Eldorado, Texas, police raided a religious group involved in polygamy. As Durkheim states, how to best describe this group?
It a religious group with too much integration.
According to Freud, deviance and crime is lower in societies where..?
- id dominates ego
-go doinates id
-super ego dominates id
Super-ego dominates ID
which one of the following is a valid criticism of Lombroso's theory on crime?
-Poor methodology
-Lack of control
-small sample
according to the data collected, who among MSU students committed relatively more crimes?
according to the video on Torture Devices, which civilization used them to punish criminals?
according to the author in modern political economics, who is responsible for poverty of individuals?
-individuals themselves
according to the author, who is the working poor?
-those who are in and out of jobs
-those who work part time or at temporary jobs
-those who work on jobs towards the end of the economic ladder
what was the main goal of the land grant colleges?
cheaper education for children of farmers and workers
according to our review of the chapter, which one of the 4 nations has the lowest poverty?
according to the author, who receives the bulk of welfare funding in the US?
middle and upper class citizens
According to Peter bLAU AND Duncan, which was one of the following variables has both direct and indirect influence on SES?
-family background
-other variables
family background
according to jenks, which one of the following variables contributes to half of the variance in occupational attainment?
-Father's occu.
-Parents' edu.
-Income and race
according to karl marx, class tends to control politics in industrialized societies. which one of the following is an INDIRECT mechanism used by them?
-control of mass media and advertising
-political contribution
-business lobbies
control of mass media and advertising
according to the elite model, there are a variety of elites in the U.S... what type is Britney Spears?
cultural elite
Labor union is a symbol of class struggle. which describes the unions' goals in the U.S?
- struggle for welfare of workers within capitalism
-struggle for welfare by eliminating capitalism, leading to socialism
-struggle for welfare of workers by introducing real democracy
struggle for welfare of workers within the framework of capitalism
in this chapter the author discussed THE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND WORK OPPORTUNITY ACT of 1996.. which describes his opinion on the impact of poverty?
Not successful because poverty has been rising and people are reaching their maximum time limit on welfare
according to the author which one of the following is one of the reasons of growing inequalities in the U.S.?
-changing occupational structure
-stagnant wages
-increased residential segregation
which country has the highest percent of women in their parliament?
which country has the highest percent of women in professional and technical work forces?
Which one of the following nations was the first to give women the right to vote?
According to the article on 12 MYTHS ABOUT HUNGER, which one of the following can be used to eliminate hunger?
-Large farms
- more U.S. aid
-decrease in population
According to the data, which one of the following 4 nations has more women than men in their cabinet?
Which one of the following regions in the USA tends to have ore poverty?
Rural areas
some economists belive that benefits of good economy trickle down to all including the poor. On this issue, what's the articles point of view?
good economy does NOT help America's poor
which one of the following is one of the assumptions used by creators of social welfare reforms in michigan?
-there's work available for everyone
-traditional family is the answer to problem of poverty
-people on welfare are irresponsible
which one of the following is one of the main conclusions presented by the author in the above report?
-Welfare reform are working
-Welfare reforms are promoting responsibility
-welfare reforms will improve the living conditions of the poor