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What's another term for a weak solution?
Name three characteristics of CO2
turns limewater cloudy, not flammable, more dense than air
What kind of property is flammability
What happens tothe solubilty of a solution of gas and H2O when it is heated?
It's solubilty decreases, gas comes out of solution
What do we call a combination of a solvent and solute that cannnot be seperated by filtration?
All phases changes are _____ changes.
Anytime a gas is given off this is a _____ change
You want to dissolve a cube of sugar in a glass of water, name 3 things you can do to increase the rate at which the sugar dissolves.
crush, stir, shake
The smallest change that a balance can detect in a repoducable way is....
the sensitivity of the balance
What is conserved...what isn't?
Mass is conserved, volume isn't.
What is decant?
to pour off the liquid and leave the solid behind
What are the boiling chips used for?
for wqual and faster boiling
What observations can we make from lab 1.1?
Liquid & gas were given off from the baking soda, but we DONT know what they are.
What is the purpose of the water in the inverted bottle in lab 1.1?
To measure the amount of gas!
The freezing point of a substance is the same as the ______
melting point
What is liquidWhat is suspension?
The state in which the particles of a substance are mixed with a fluid but are undissolved.
flammable, does not turn limewater cloudy, less dneise than air
Flammable, does not turn limewater cloudy, more dense than hydrogen
There is 25 mL of water in a graduated cylinder. You drop in a rock. Nwo the volume reads 39mL. What is the volume of the rock?
14cm squared
Are measurements laws of nature?
During a phase change...what changes? What remains constant
energy increase or decreases. temperature remains constant
Elemenets along the zigzag line of the periodic table are known as?
An insoluble solid with a density of 0.65 is placed in a beaker of water. What will it do?
float. Density of water is 1. Greater than 1, sinks, less then one it floats.
Chlorine is a member of which family?
The group whose outer energy level contains 8 electrons are?
noble gases.
THe elements that accept electrons are found on which side of the periodic table?
right (nonmetals). metals reject, nonmetals accept.
What is the charge on the cucleus?
Why do the electrons orbit around the nucleus?
opposites attract.
What is the difference between an isotope and an ion?
isotopes are two atoms of the same element that have different numbers of neutrons (C14 versus C12). ions are atoms that have a charge because they have gained or lost electrons
What is the mass in amu of 1 molecule of H2O?
18 amu
WHen is a compoud formed?
when 2 or more elements chemically combine.
explain the rock salt figure 1.11 on page 13
The volume of a mixture of salt and water decreases when the salt dissolves in the water, but nothing can be said about its mass.
What the wax cools and there is a big slope in the middle, what happened?
The volume decreases and the mass stayed the same.
We mix 35g of salt having a volume of 100cm, and 54g of water having a volume of 120. What is the volume and mass?
Mass: 89. Volume unknown
Which of the following is NOT a characterisitic propert of a solid: density, solubilty, mass, boiling point.
When the temperature increases, what happens to the solubility of most gasses?
they become less soluble
How do you find the density of a rock?
Find the volume by the fisplacement of water and mass it on a balance.
What liquid dissolves TOP?
What is density?
Mass per unit volume.
What is the freezing point of water?
0 degrees celsius
What is the boiling point of water?
100 degrees celsius
What is the density of alcohol?
A volume of 65cm3 of dry sand is added to 50cm3 of water for a total volume of 95cm3. What is the volume of the water the fills the air?
20 cm3
A volume of 65cm3 of dry sand is added to 50cm3 of water for a total volume of 95cm3. What is the volume of the sand?
A volume of 65cm3 of dry sand is added to 50cm3 of water for a total volume of 95cm3. What is the percentage of sand to in the dry sand?