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voiceless bilabial stop

"puppet, hipster, trap"
voiced bilabial stop

"big, babble, robe"
voiceless alveolar stop

"turn, heart, pastry"
voiced alveolar stop

"deal, bead, hugged"
voiceless velar stop

"chaos, scream, cupcake"
voiced velar stop

"ghost, finger, flag"

(glottal stop)
voiceless glottal stop

"uh-oh, button, kitten"

voiced alveolar flap

"butter, ladle, flutter, letter, beauty, pedal"
voiceless labiodental fricative

"phrase, graph, influence"
voiced labiodental fricative

"vegetable, evidence, alive"

voiceless interdental fricative

"thing, with, thirsty, thank, with"

voiced interdental fricative

"the, then, wither, these, rhythm"
voiceless alveolar fricative

"suffer, cycle, blister"
voiced alveolar fricative

"zipper, wise, fizzle"
[ʃ] or [š]

voiceless alveopalatal fricative

"shut, wish, session"
[ʒ] or [ž]

voiced alveopalatal fricative

"genre, decision, beige, Jesuit, vision, casual"
voiceless alveopalatal fricative

"hot, hostile, whole"
[ʧ] or [č]
voiceless alveopalatal affricate

"cheek, match, attention, check, touch, chip"
[ʤ] or [ǰ]
voiced alveopalatal affricate

"judge, rage, educate, grudge"
voiced bilabial nasal

"mimic, timber, crime"
voiced alveolar nasal

"know, gnome, wine"

voiced velar nasal

"ringer, fling, bang"
voiced alveolar lateral liquid

"lace, willow, veil"
voiced alveolar retroflex liquid

"red, terror, third"
voiced bilabial glide

"wonder, waste, away"
voiced palatal glide

"yellow, useful, yesterday"
[ʍ] or [w̥]
voiceless labiovelar fricative

"what, whiskey, when"