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A set of logical rules the devices must follow to communicate
A protocol
A concept used by TCP to recover from errors (error recovery)
A concept in which two conputers use a protocol to communicate with the same layer on another computer
Same-layer interaction
A concept in which one layer on a single computer provides a service to a higher layer
Adjacenr-layer interaction
Two most important features of Internet Protocol (IP)
1.Addressing 2.Routing
Name of each device that uses TCP/IP
TCP/IP host
A protocol used by TCP/IP network layer to provide a service of forwarding IP packets from one device to another .
IP protocol
Two distinct functions of TCP/IP link layer
1.Functions related to physical transmission 2.Protocols which control the use of media
Encapsulation and Addressing is done by which TCP/IP layer (updated)?
Data Link
Bit Transmission is done by which TCP/IP layer (updated)?
The only layer which has trailer in its encapsulation
Term used for TCP/IP Layer 4 encapsulated data
Term used for TCP/IP Layer 3 encapsulated data
Term used for TCP/IP Layer 2 encapsulated data
The OSI layer which negotiates data formats
The OSI layer which provides methods to group multiple bidirectional nessages into a workflow
The OSI layer which focuses on data delivery between two hosts
Transport (4)
Error recovery and flow control are examples of this OSI Layer
Transport (4)
The OSI layer which defines logical addressing, routing (forwarding) and routing protocols
Network (3)
The OSI layer which defined protocols for delivering data over a single type of physical network
Data link (2)
Physical addressing is defined by this OSI layer
Data link (2)
Wireless access point, cable modem and DSL modem work in this layer
Data link (2)
LAN repeater work in this layer
Hosts and firewalls work in which layers?
4 to 7
Term used in OSI instead of segment,packet or frame
Protocol Data Unit (PDU)
How different PDUs are named in OSI?