Side Factors That Influence The Performance Of A Website Essay

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User side and server side factors that influence the performance of a website

User side factors

A user side factor is the capability of the users system must be taken into consideration because, if not, people who may become potential users could be prohibited from using the site.

• Download speed: is the data capped by a user’s ISP, this is usually the amount of data that is used when something is being downloaded per second. The dial up speed of downloads tends to be at the speed of 56KPs, this compared to the broadband in the UK is 100-120 Mbps. The download speed is required to be fast so that this will speed up the download from the download of the item you have e.g. images, files, etc. If you were to run a business you would need
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There are various methods which can be used in conjunction with each other to reduce download time and make the site more efficient. You will need to consider the components that you are going to use. The site will appeal less to customers if the download speed is slow.

• Web server capacity: A number of things can affect website performance e.g. users computer, internet connection, capabilities of the server that the website is located and you will also need to consider how much bandwidth is available for the server. Server side is known to take up a lot of the current bandwidth. This program uses the World Wide Web’s HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Every computer that may contain a website need to ensure that they have a web server program running as this will show the website performance. There are three web servers Novell’s web Server IBM’s and Apache – this being the most used server (IIS). E.g. Bandwidth, executions to be performed before page load and number of
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You will need to find a equal balance for this which won’t affect your business by customers being disappointed.

• Image files: There are two types of image files Bitmap and Vector. They are both completely different to the other Bitmap usually has larger files whereas Vector have smaller ones. The image distorts when stretching with Bitmap whereas it doesn’t for the Vector.

Bitmap includes bmp. gif. jpq
Vector includes .vsd, eps, smf, .swf

The bitmap and Vector shown above are the file formats used for images when saving them as a file onto your computer. Different image formats have different purposes e.g. some have better quality. The most used file format would be .jpg because this is saved automatically from a digital camera. This will show the image more clearly and defined.

• Sound files: There are two different types of sound files:

.wav is the high sample rate which means that this will be high quality and large file size.

MP3 is the low sample rate which means that this has lower quality and smaller file size. This is why MP3 can store so much

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