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Tone colour

Also known as timbre. Tone colour is what allows a listener to identify a sound as being produced by a specific instrument and to differentiate between instruments of the same type.


The layers of instrumentation used within a piece of music


One melody, one instrument


One melody that doesn't meet, two or more instruments


Two or more melodies, crossed over played by two or more instruments

What centuries did the orchestra evolve?

The orchestra evolved between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

Name the positions of the drums

Crash & Ride, Toms, floor toms, kick or bass, snare

What ways can a string instrument be played?

By a bow, plucking, strummed, hit or tapped

How are percussion instruments played?

By hitting or shaking the instrument

How are brass and woodwind instruments played

By blowing into the instrument with your mouth into the mouthpiece

Who composed Ode to joy and Symphony no.5 and was their disabilty?

Beethoven, became deaf