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What are advanced practice roles of a Nurse/ What are some titles of a Masters prepared/advanced practice Nurse?
CRNA, Nurse practitioner, Mid-wife, Certified Nurse Specialist
Why is there a shortage of nurses?
The aging population is out pacing new nurses, retirement of current nurses is outpacing new nurse graduation, not enough nursing classes due to lack of educators
What are the trends in nursing education/ what is the establishment pushing for as far as nursing education?
bachelor education for all nurses at a minimum
What does biomedical technology involve?
Biomedical technology involves complex machines or implantable devices used for patient care.
How does bio/med technology impact nurses?
nurses assume responsibility for monitoring the data generated from these machines and for assessing the safety in relation to patient well being
While nurses are using biomedical technology what do they have to remember to include in their practice?
Caring about the patient. The human touch and the reassurance to your patient are comforting to patients, and no technology can replace a human
What is the most effective way a nurse can change the image of nursing?
One nurse patient encounter at a time.
Florence Nightingale is known for many things, what are they?
Founder of modern Nursing, a researcher for Nursing
Why was F. Nightingale known as a researcher?
She was educated in statistics and collected very detailed data on morbidity and mortality which she used to effectively argue the case for nursing reform in Gr. Britain.
Who founded the first nursing school in Gr. Britain which became the model for nursing education in the U.S.?
Florence Nightingale
What does emotional intelligence mean?
a self perceived ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups
What is the role strain for men in nursing?
an emotional reaction felt in a profession that has a social structure dominated by women, creating anxiety and discontent
Which organization was the 1st to recommend licensure for Nursing?
ICN (International Conference of Nurses)
Why is the Nursing code of ethics important?
The COE reminds practitioners and the public that Nurses have specific responsibilities and obligations accepted by professional practitioners.
What is the most important feature of the COE?
The code empowers nurses to maintain their focus on the patient as the center of health care.
Where can the legal definition of Nursing be found?
The nurse practice act in each state.
What are some strategies that are important for students to acquire for time management?
create a to do list and prioritize the things that need to be completed first to last in order of importance, divide large projects in to smaller pieces.
What is professional socialization?
The acquisition of values, attitudes, skills, and knowledge pertaining to being a professional
What are some indicators that the student is taking responsibility for their prof. socialization?
The student identifies needed learning experiences and seeks opportunities that provide these experiences, is receptive to feedback, develops time management skills, gets a mentor
What are the 2 organizations that accredit nursing programs?
NLNAC(National League of Nursing Accrediting Commission) and CCNE(Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education)
Why is accrediting important for a nursing program?
it goes beyond minimum state approval for licensure exams and it is a voluntary comparison of the quality of established standards and criteria.
What does an accrediting agency do different than state laws?
accrediting agencies compare the educational quality of the programs with established standards and criteria across state lines.
What is Critical thinking?
It is a way to formulate thought processes, it is a reasoning process
Why is Critical thinking important?
It is comprehensive ,disciplined, exact, purposeful, and based on standards and theory.
What is the purpose of the Nursing process?
it is a major guideline for nursing practice that helps nurses implement their roles, it integrates art and science and allows nurses to use critical thinking and defines areas of care that are within the domain of nursing
What is the Nursing Process?
A = Assess
D= Diagnose
O= Outcome Identification
P= Plan
I = Implement
E= Evaluate
What is the importance of Therapeutic communication?
it determines the level of trust others feel and ultimately, the success of their interactions.