The Five Phases Of The Nursing Process In Nursing

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According to the American Nurses Association the Nursing Process is the defined as the core of nursing practice. In nursing, this process is one of the foundations of the practice. It offers a stable framework for thinking through problems and provides some organization to a nurse 's critical thinking skills. Nursing can get a hectic at times that is why the nursing process is very supplemental to every nurse. In other words the nursing process is a series of organized steps designed for nurses to provide excellent care. The five phases are as follows, assessing, diagnosing, planning, implementing, and lastly evaluating.
The first step in the five phases is assessing. Assessments provide the starting point for determining the nursing diagnoses,
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She claims to be a very devoted Catholic, she prays to her rosary everyday regardless of how her energy. Her husband passed away 8 years ago leaving her with high anxiety and depression. JF had 7 children with her late husband; With such a large family it was very difficult for JF to attend college so she was a loving stay at home mother while her husband provided for the family. She stated to me that her number one joy in life was her family and that was the best job she could ever have. Over the course of time I was completing the assessment of my patient, her condition did not vary much. Very quickly during our very first meeting I was able to tell that she was alert and orientated to her surroundings, her person, and to time. I spoke with her about her family and about her stay; she stated that it is nice at the Chapel Hill Retirement Community, but that she wishes things could go back to how they were in the past. She uttered that she wishes she could be home with her family but she understands that it is very difficult for them to care for her. I was very surprised at how alert and oriented she was being that she suffered from a stroke four years ago. JF also has problems with behavioral changes such as depression as I stated before, cautiousness, and hesitancy. JF mobility is not very good, she can walk with the use of a cane while supervised, she is able to perform her ADL’s with assistance. She has no major surgical history and …show more content…
She is compliant with taking her medications and of other tasks asked of her by the staff. Another very strong strength of hers is her independence. She can perform all of her ADLs and only needs the assistance of a walker when walking far distances. She is very mentally capable and easy to communicate with. She is alert and orientated to her person, place and time.
Nursing Diagnosis

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