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Beauty of the design
American Society of interior Designers
Assisted Living
Generally for senior citizens. Abridge between residential and contract design
Contract Design
(commercial Design) contract for which the ID is hired by a company instead of an individual. Usually for big spaces in which several activities are going to be taking place.
Foundation for ID education research
groups of artisans during the middle ages that were categorized by the type of craft practiced
ID education council. Organization that aims to advance the education and practice of both the student and the practitioner
International ID association
National association of schools of art and design
National council for ID qualification
Residential ID
focuses on the planning and specifying of interior materials and products used in private residences
Middle Ages
period from aprox 5th through 15th centuries A.D in the Byzantine empire in the east, and England and most of Europe in the west. People were more preoccupied with war and survival became a way of life.
Four books of architecture
Palladio expounds architecture , both exterior and interior, for residences and churches, based on principles of the classical Greek and Roman periods.
a rebirth and patronage of the Fine arts began in 14th century Italy and spread throughout most of Europe iver the next few centuries. An emphasis on individualism and appreciation for the humanities gave rise to Michelangelo and Andrea Palladio
this style favored elaborate ornamentation, manifest in interiors and architectural details, furnishings, and upholstery
became fashionable during the 18th century to emulate the Renaissance quest for knowledge, crossing the boundaries of artistic and scientific disciplines. Thomas Jefferson, Robert and James Adam
Industrial Age
the Industrial Rev brought mass production of furniture and textiles for a broadening base of consumers in the cities of America, England, and Western Europe.
Victorian Style
excessive use of furnishings in decoration of homes.
20th century modern architects
Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, Eileen Gray
Corporate design
includes designs for staff and offices conference rooms, teleconferencing centers, workstations, computer stations, training facilities, or corporate apts.
Entertainment design
includes interiors, lighting, sound, and other technologies for movies, television, videos, theater, clubs, concerts, and theme and amusement parks
facilities management
includes organizational management of generally large business operations. specialist in this area address safety and health issues, lighting, and acoustical needs, scheduling of maintenance, and coordinating of office expansions, downsizing and relocations
Health care design
design for hospitals, medical and dental offices, psychiatric facilities, clinics, ambulatory care centers,, halfway houses, hospices, adult homes, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes
hospitality and restaurant design
design for hotels, motels, restaurants, country clubs, golf courses, cruise ships, nightclubs and recreational facilities
institutional and governmental design
design for schools, government buildings, prisons, community centers, airports, rail stations, houses of worship, shelters, museums, stadiums, arenas and libraries
retail and store planning design
design for specialty and department stores, supermarkets, salons, shopping malls, showrooms, art galleries, trade shows, exhibitions, and displays
universal design
is based on a distinct body of knowledge that relates to both human and design factors. fosters opportunities for as many people as possible to have access to good design
green design
often categorized as sustainable design, has as its goal socially responsible designs that consider the needs of future generations. preserve the natural environment and its resources.
feng shui
its essence is the art of placement or arrangement of objects within a space to create a flow of positive energy and achieve harmony