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A Hawthorne Strainer is used
with a mixing glass
Nitrogen and carbon dioxide may be fed into a traditional cask-conditioned beer to
prevent spoiling bacteria to coming into contact with the beer
Coasters are used to
place wine bottles on the table
a Muddler is used for
stirring drinks
What is a Shive?
a round piece of wood or plastic used as a bung in the top of a cask
Detergents should not be mixed together because
they may give off poisonous fumes
How should you remove smears on glasswear?
hold it over steam and polish with a dry cloth
What is meant by "Frosting" a glass?
dipping the rim in egg white and sugar
What is the most suitable tempurature for a beer cellar?
55 degrees F (12.7 C)
What is the correct definition of Ullage?
any out-of-condition wine that must be returned to the supplier
Where would you find a bursting disc?
Gas cylinder (beer related)
How much will a Kilderkin of beer contain?
18 Gallons
What is a wine cradle used for?
Carrying a bottle of wine that might contain sediment to the point of decanting
How often should beer lines be cleaned?
once a week
What is the main reason for grafting vines?
to counteract phylloxera
How is the Leaf Roll virus spread?
Mealy Bugs
Gewurztraminer grapes will produce what kind of bouquet and flavor?
What's the main grape used in Hermitage?
What provides the Tannins found in wine?
the grape skins
what is Marc Brandy?
The liquor obtained when you ferment the skins and pips after grape pressing
What kind of Alcohol is found in wine?
Muscat grapes will most likely produce what kind of wine?
what will happed to wine if the pips are crushed during vinification?
it will give the wine a bitter taste
wine made from the pressings of grape skins that were removed from the fermenting must is called?
vin de presse
At what % of alcohol will wild yeasts die in the vinification process?
What is Batonnage?
The process of stirring up the lees of the wine
Who introduced the principles of Biodynamic viticulture?
Rudolf Steiner
What are the favorable lattitudes for wine production for both North and South Hemispheres?
30 Degrees - 50 Degrees
What is Cuvaison?
The maceration of the grape skins in the fermenting juice during red wine production
Why should the best vines have deep roots?
It allows them to withstand extreme weather conditions such as drought or frost
What are the 3 components needed for the production of alcohol?
yeast, sugar and warmth
What 2 things does fermentation create other than alcohol?
Carbon Dioxide gas and sediment
What gives red wine its color?
Grape skins (Cuvasion process)
Wines produced in cooler climates usually have a higher ______ content than those from warmer climates
What is the purpose of using sulfer dioxide in the early stages of fermentation?
To prevent the growth of wild yeasts
What is an EU (European Union) guarantee of quality & origin
VQPRD (Vin de Qualite' Produit en Regions Determinees)
What is an Anbaugebiet
A wine-growing are for Qualitatswein
What term will indicate dry italian wine?
What would provide a vanilla characteristic in wine?
maturation in oak barrels
A purple rim on a glass of red wine usually indicates___?
it's 1-3 years old
Pelure d'oignon is a term used to describe ____?
Rose' Wine
Where on the tongue will you taste bitterness?
at the back of the tongue
What term would describe a sweet wine from Alsace?
Selection de grains nobles
What is St. Julien?
a commune in Medoc
Fargues is a commune of ____?
What is the classic grape of Nuits-St-Georges?
Pinot Noir
Bouzeron is a wine-producing commune of ____?
Cote Chalonnais
How is Clos de Vougeot classified?
It is a Grand Cru in Burgandy
From what grape are top quality white Burgandies produced?
Charmes-Chambertin, Clos des Lambrays, Bonnes-Mares are all ____?
Grand Cru Burgandy
Solutre' is a commune in
In Loire, Sancerre is produced in ____?
The Central Vineyards
In which district of the Loire would you find Quarts de Chaume?
Coteaux du Layon
what kind of wine is Bonnezeau?
Sweet Wine
Muscat de Beaumes-de-Venise, Rivesaltes, Cerons are all examples of what style of wine?
Sweet Wines
What kind of wines are famous in Blanquette de Limoux?
Sparkling Wines
What is the Classification of Asti?
Where is Vermentino di Gallura produced and what is its classification?
What is the main grape varietal used in Orvieto?
Where is the majority of the Cava DO is situated ____?
Penedes (Spanish demarcated region)
Where will you find Vinho Verde produced?
Soutomaior is a subregion of ____?
What kind of bottle is used for wine from Franconia?
Assmanhausen is renowned for what kind of wines?
QbA red wines
Commandarie is produced ____?
The most important town in the Cava DO is ____?
San Sadurni d'Anoia
Where is Vega Sicilia produced?
Ribera del Duero in Spain
Where will you find the Danubian wine region?
The Hunter zone is situated in ____?
New South Wales
Marlborough is one of the main wine producing regions in ____?
South Island, New Zealand
In what state is the Dundee Hills AVA located?
The Livermore Valley is a sub-appellation in which AVA?
San Francisco bay area
Where will you find the Okinagan Valley
British Columbia
Where was the Pinotage varietal developed?
South Africa
Elgin is a wine district in ____?
South Africa
The Casablanca wine region is found in what country?
What is the main grape varietal of high-quality red wine in Argentina?
What produces the carbon dioxide in champagne?
Liqueur de tirage
What is the correct term for still wine from Champagne?
Coteaux Champenois
A Jereboam is equal to how many standard size bottles?
4 bottles
What are the 6 major wine regions of France?
Where will you find AC Edelzwicker and what does it mean?
Alsace - Means it blends 2 or more Alsacen grapes
What does the term Selection de Grains Nobles (SGN) mean in Alsace wines?
The same as Vendange Tardive in many areas, but the grapes are struck with Botrytis Cinerea. The process is much like Beerenauslese in Germany
What are the 5 major red grape varietals in Bordeaux?
Cabernet Sauvignon
Cabernet Franc
Petit Verdot
What are the only 3 white grape vartietals grown in Bordeaux?
Sauvignon Blanc
How long does Red Bordeaux usually barrel age?
2 years
What are the 6 major wine districts in Bordeaux?
St. Emillion
What are the top 6 communes of Medoc/Haut Medoc?
What does IGT stand for?
Indicazioni Geograpfiche Tipiche
What is Passito?
The drying of grapes for a period of time prior to fermentation
What does VDQS stand for?
Vin délimité de qualité supérieure (Demarcated wines of superior quality)
What is the name of the organization that governs over France's Appellation laws
INAO (Institut National des Appellations d'Origine)
What's another phrase for "Mis bouteille au domaine"
Mis bouteille au chateau - equivalent to "Estate Bottled"
What does "Superieure" signify on a french wine label
a higher alcohol content than the nonsuperior version of the same wine (usually 1% higher)
Name the 2 rivers and the estuary that run through Bordeaux
The Gironde Estuary
Dordogne River
Garonne River
In what Village will you find Chateaux Lafite-Rothschild and Mouton-Rothschild?
Pauillac (in the Haut-Medoc district)
What does "Clairet" mean on a Fench wine label?
A wine that falls between a dark rose' and a light red.
List in order the quality catergories of France
Vin de pays
Vin de table
Dom Perignon was a cellar master at an abbey in ____?
What does Spritzig mean?
German wine term for slightly sparkling
What does Cremant stand for?
French Methode Traditionnelle sparkling wine made outside of Champagne
What is Sherry fermentation done in?
What does Venecia refer to?
A long handled cup used to sample sherry from the cask
What is Vin doux naturel?
Sweet fortified wine
How would you describe Manzanilla sherry?
Light colored and dry
How long does "late bottled vintage" port remain in the cask before bottling?
4-6 years
Vintage Madeira will have matured in oak barrels for a minimum of ____?
20 years
What is the correct production method for irish whiskey?
Barley and other grain, distilled 3x in a pot still
What part of the distillate is Cognac produced?
Bonne Chauffe
Fine champagne is only made from grapes that come from ____?
Petite Champagne and Grande Champagne
Which of these 4 is NOT referred to as alcool blanc?

Poire William
Where are Angostura bitters produced?
What is Namazake?
The Japanese name for unpasteurized sake'
Tequila is produced from ____?
A species of Agave
What flavor does Kummel have?
What is the Mash Tun used for in beer production?
Extracts the flavor from the malt
Appolinaris is produced in ____?
The mineral water Vittel is produced in ____?
What is one key ingredient to Bitter Lemon
Would an Alsace Riesling be suitable to serve as an apertif?
Barolo with grilled Dover Sole
Is this pairing satisfactory?
Fitou with spaghetti bolognese
Is this pairing satisfactory?
California Chinen Blanc with roast rib of beef
Is this pairing satisfactory?
Of these 4, which would best be served with Apple Flan?
Chateau Petrus
Name 3 wines that would be a suitable pair for grilled king prawns?
Any light dry or off-dry white wines
Ex: Muscadet, Vermentino, Gavi, Sancerre
Name 3 wines that would be a suitable pair with a cheese board?
Red ports, full-bodied red wines, and sometimes heavy sweet wines. Will vary depending on the cheese
What style of beverages should be offered with coffee service?
Liqueurs, Brandies, malts, ports
What style of glass would you serve a Lager beer in?
Can you shake Soda Water in a cocktail shaker?
Does an Americano contain Campari?
Does a White Lady contain Fresh Orange Juice, or Fresh Lemon Juice?
Fresh Lemon Juice
What is the main liquor used in a Prince Charles Coffee?
When a 2nd bottle of the same wine is ordered by a party of four, the sommelier should present the new bottle to the host and then ____?
Supply the host with a clean glass, offer a taste and then pour for the guests.

On special occasions, provide all the guests with clean glassware.
If a guest complains about a wine being corked, what are the next steps by the sommelier?
Apologize, check the wine themselves, change the wine out for another bottle
What causes oxidation of wine?
Contact with air
What causes wine to be maderized?
Heat and sometimes light. Usually caused by storing or shipping wine in high temperature areas.
How long is a Spanish Reserva red wine aged?
3 full calendar years (min 1 year in barricas)
How long is a Spanish Gran Reserva white wine aged?
4 full calendar years (min 6 months in barricas)
What is another name for the black grape Monastrell?
What is another name for the black grape Cencibel?
What are the two main grape varieties grown in the Valdepenes DO?
Cencibal and Airen
What grape varietal are white wines from Rias Baixis based?
Name 8 subappellation AVAs in Napa Valley
1. Los Carneros
2. Mount Veeder
3. Yountville
4. Stags Leap District
5. St. Helena
6. Wild Horse Valley
7. Rutherford
8. Oakville
9. Oak Knoll
10. Howell Mountain
11. Spring Mountain District
12. Pope Valley
13. Diamond Mountain District
14. Chiles Valley District
15. Atlas Peak
Name 8 subappellation AVAs in Sonoma County
1. Rockpile
2. Carneros
3. Knights Valley
4. North Sonoma
5. Sonoma Coast
6. Sonoma County Green Valley
7. Russian River Valley
8. Chalk Hill Valley
9. Alexander Valley
10. Dry Creek Valley
11. Sonoma Mountain
12. Sonoma Valley
13. Bennett Valley
Name all 6 subappellation AVAs in Willamette Valley
1. Chehalem Mountains
2. Ribbon Ridge
3. Dundee Hills
4. Yamhill-Carlton District
5. McMinnville
6. Eola-Amity Hills
Where will you find the Riverina area?
New South Wales
What are the 3 major wines produced in Tasmania
Pinot Noir
Sparkling Wine
What are the 5 First Growths of Bordeaux? (Premier Cru)
- Chateau Lafite-Rothschild (Pauillac)
- Chateau Mouton-Rothschild (Pauillac)
- Chateau Latour (Pauillac)
- Chateau Margaux (Margaux)
- Chateau Haut-Brion (Pessac, Graves)