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Adverse effect

Undesirable and potentially harmful drug effect.


Drug that binds to a receptor and activates a physiologic response or drug action.


Drug that binds to a receptor and interferes with other drugs or substances from producing a drug effect.

Chemical name

Name that defines the chemical composition of a drug.


Situations or conditions when a certain drug should not be administered.

Controlled substance

Drug that has the potential for abuse and thus is regulated by law.


A measurement of the amount of drug that is administered.


Chemical substance that produces a change in body function.

Drug indications

Intended or indicated uses for any drug.


Effective dose 50,or dose that will produce an effect that is half of the maximal response.

Generic name

Nonproprietary name of a drug.


Lethal dose 50,or dose that will kill 50% of the lab animals tested.

Mechanism of action

Explanation of how a drug produces its effects.

Over-the-counter (OTC) drug

Drug that can be purchased without the services of a physician.


Study of drugs.


Measure of strength, or concentration, of a drug required to produce a specific effect.

Prescription drug

Drug for which dispensing requires a written or phone order that can only be issued by or under direction of a licensed physician.


Specific cellular structure that a drug binds to and that produces a physiologic effect.

Side effect

Drug effect other than the therapeutic effect that is usually undesirable but not harmful.

Site of action

Location within the body where a drug exerts its therapeutic effect, often a specific drug receptor

Therapeutic effect

Desired drug effect to alleviate some condition or symptom of disease.

Therapeutic index (TI)

Ratio of the LD50 to the ED50 in animal studies.

Toxic effect

Undesirable drug effect that implies drug poisoning; can be very harmful or life-threatening.

Trade name

Patented proprietary mane of a drug sold by a specific drug manufacturer; also referred to as the brand name


Study of the action of drugs on living tissue.


Study of the processes of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion.


Study of the use of drugs in treating disease.


Science of preparing and dispensing medicines.


Study of the amount of drug that is required to produce therapeutic effects.


Study of the harmful effects of drugs on living tissue.