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Citizen Kane

1941, Orson Welles, reporters try and figure out what Charles Foster Kane's last word "Rosebud" meant.



Fritz Lang

a futuristic movie that has the people divided into working class and the city planners

the son of the city's mastermind fall in love with a working class prophet

Man with a Movie Camera


Dziga Vertov

Documentary of the life in the soviet union. Everything in the film is documented.

Singin' In the Rain


Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen

A movie set in 1927, making fun of silent fil. Don Lockwood falls in love with Kath Seldon.

In A Lonley Place


Nicholas Ray

Dixon Steele is a violent screenwriter. Suspected for murder intil Laurel Gray gives him an alibi.



Jean-Luc Godard

Michel is a theif and murderer. He meets a girl, Patricia whom has planned to escape to Italy with him.

Final Destination 3: Choose their fate addition


James Wong

Death seeks to kill those who have escaped their fate.

The Thin Blue Line


Errol Morris

A film that has sucessfully argued that a man was wrongly convicted for murder by the corrupt Dallas, TX county system.

Trees of Axis, Leaves of Syntax


Daichi Saito

Market Street


Tomonari Nishikawa

Blessed Are the Dreams of Men


Jem Cohen

How to Fix the World


Jacqueline Goss

The Perfumed Nightmare


Kidlat Tahimik

A Filipino who idalizes America's space program comes to reject the rapid approach of technology.

Toy Story


John Lasseter

A cowboy is jealous and threatened when a new spaceman is the top toy for the boy.


all of the elements placed in front of the camera to be photographed

the setting and props, lighting, costumes and makeup, and figure behavior


a general term for all the manipulations of the film strip by the camera in the shooting phase and by the laboratory in the developing phase.


it emphasizes dynamic, often discontinuous, relationships between shots and the juxtaposition of images to create ideas not present in either shot by itself.

continuity editing

it relies on matching screen direction, position, and temporal relations form shot to shot.

screen direction

the right-left relationships in a scene, set up in an establishing shot and determined by the position of characters and objects in the frame, by the directions of movement.


A continuity cut that splices two different views of the same action together at the same movement in the moment.

eyeline match

a cut obeying the axis of action principle, in which the 1st shot shows a person looking off in one direction and the second shows a nearby space containing what he or she sees.

shot/reverse shot

two or more shots edited together that alternate characters, typically in a convo situation

jump cut

an elliptical cut that appears to be an innteruption of a single shot.

high-low key lighting

illumination that creates comparativiley little contrast between the light and dark areas of the shot shadows fairly transparent and brightened by fill light.


a camera movement with the camera body turning to the right or left.


a camera movement with the camera body swiveling upward or downward on a stationary support


a camera support with wheels used in making tracking shots


a shot with a change in framing accomplished by placing the camera above the subject and moving through the air in any direction

deep/shallow focus

a use of the camera lens and and lighting that keeps objects in both close and distant planes in sharp focus.

Elements of mise-en-scene

setting, costume and makeup, lighting, staging

Cinema Verite

a style of filmmaking characterized by realistic, typically documentary motion pictures

made with simple equiptment

direct cinema

emerged in the 1950s-60s when portable cameras and soud equiptment became availible so that the filmaker could follow an event as it is happening

nichols' documentary modes








a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind

experimental film

a mode of filmmaking that re-evaluates cinematic conventions and explores alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working.

What is Espinosa's "imperfect cinema?"

It's a group of films that belong to latin america

focuses more on the art and creativity, making it an imperfect film.

what is third cinema

A Latin American film movement that started in the 1960s–70s

decries neocolonialism, the capitalist system, and the Hollywood model of cinema as mere entertainment to make money.

what are Manovich's properties of new media

1. numerical representation

2. modularity

3. automation

4. variability

5. transcoding

what are examples of new media

internet, websites, computer multimedia, computer games, CD-ROMS, and DVDs.

8 1/2


Federico Fellini

Guido is a film director trying to calm down from his last movie, it's about the trouble and struggles of filmmaking.