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will the mksysb command back up file systems mounted accross an NFS network?
what smit command can be used to create a cd file system?
smit crcdrfs
what command is used to determine the status of physical disks?
What are the 3 choices on the welcome to Base Operating System installation and maintenance screen?
1. Start installation now with default settings
2. Change/Show Installation Settings and Install
3. Start maintenance Mode for System Recovery
what command is used to determine the size of physical drives?
lsdev -Cc disk
what command is run to see all the logical volume groups in the root volume group?
lsvg -l rootvg
what is a bundle?
a collection of packages, products, or individual filesets that suit a specific purpose, such as providing personal productivity software or software for a client machine.
what command can be used if you only want to go to the next maintenance level of AIX?
smit update_all
give a description of the file
you can change many aspects of the default BOS install prgram by editing this file. this file is found on disk on of the install CDs
what is a volume group?
a single hard disk or gourp of hard disks on your system
what command do you use to determine your platform system?
bootinfo -p
what is the rootvg?
Root Volume Group (rootvg) is a volume group containing the Base Operating System.
what file extension must a bundle end in?
which command is used to access the configuration assistant?