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What is PCU?
pledge class unity (know where everyone is at all times)
What is the cheer?
Hey Hey We're Phi Gam
Best in the land
hot damn
give a damn
three cheers for phi gam
hey hey hey
When do you where your pin?
thursday dinner and when instructed to do so
How do you answer the house phone?
Phi Gamma Delta, this is pledge ______
When is dinner?
3:30 on monday and 5:00 Tue-Thur
What are the 7 pledge duties?
-Don't step on the white star
-Use the back door
-Sort Mail
-Assist frat employees
-Clean-up after parties and tailgates
-Serve Dinner
-Answer the house phone
What is our pledge class name?
Pi Tetraton
What is the OQ phone number?
What is the main house address?
3 Cloverhurst Ct.
What is the new house address?
6 Cloverhurst Ct.
What is the int. hq's address?
1201 Red Mile Road
P.O. Box 4599
Lexington, Ky 40544-4599
What is the int. hq phone number?
Who is the faculty advisor?
Jere Morehead
Whos is the past faculty advisor?
Bill Bracewell