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What was a labor reform?
A union
Who Invented the Bessemer Proccess?
Henry Bessemer
What is impressionism?
Painters who were part of this movement, focused on capturing fleeting visual impressions.
What is realism?
It is an artistic movement that attempted to represent the world as it was.
Who was Charles Dickens?
A realistic English writer who portrayed the lives of slum dwellers. (Ex: 'Oliver Twist' about a poor orphened boy )
By 1900's, what pair of countries were the world's leading industrial nations?
Germany and the United States
The women's suffrage movement worked to-?
Get women the right to vote
Who was Guglielmo Matrconi?
After Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone; 20 years later, Guglielmo invented the radio. He was able to transmit a radio message from Britain to Canada using Morse's code.
Who was Louis Sullivan?
An American artitect who designed the first skyscraper
Who was Alfred Krupp?
In germany, he inherited a steelmaking business and brought up coal and iron mines as well as ore shipping lines that fed the steel businesses. Later on, him and his son acquired plants that manufactured tools, railroad cars and weapons. (can we say monopoly?)
Who was Ludwig Van Beethoven?
A famous music composer of the 1800's who wrote music for orchestras.
What was a corporation?
A business owned by stockholders
Who was Louis Pasteur?
A French doctor who proved the "germ theory" he also invented a way to pasturize milk.
Who was Gottieb Daimler?
He used Nikolaus Otto's gasoline powered internal combustion engine to power the first automobile in 1887.
What is Romanticism?
Artists who were a part of this movement aimed to excite strong emotions with their work.
What were interchangeable parts?
They were made to improve the efficency of mass-produced goods. They were identical components that could be used in place of one another.
Who was John Dalton?
A quaker schoolteacher who developed the modern atomic theory (A theory that all matter was made of tiny particles called atoms.) He showed that different combinations of atoms made all chemical substances.
What is suffrage?
The right to vote
What was social gospel?
When churches in the US urged their worshippers to become involved in a movement to help others (Salvation Army)
What was Social Darwinism?
The idea that the fittest would always beat out their competitors, whether in war or industry.
Who were the Brontes?
Famous sisters novelists, Charlotte and Anne
Who is Henry Ford?
In the 1900s, He began using the assembly line to mass- produce cars. This later on made the US a leader in the automobile industry.
What was a direct result of the discovery that germs caused disease?
Improved Sanitation
Who was Thomas Edison?
He made the first electric light bulb.
What was an assembly line?
Workers on an assebly line added parts to a product that moves along a belt from one work station to the next. This made production faster and cheaper.
What was the Bessemer Process?
This process purified iron ore and made it into steel. Later on others improved on this process so steel could be made much cheaper. Soon this became the most used material for bridges, railroads and tools.
In the 19th century cities, the poor lived-?
in tenements near the factories (They worked at the factories, so they lived close to them)
What was a cartel?
When a group of large businesses banded together to control a single industry. They would make fixed rpices, set production quotas and divid up the markets.
What is racism? (sadly I can't put this in past tense)
The belief that one racial group is superior to another
In general, what was necessary for the industrialization in the 1800's?
Natural Resources!
Why did Darwin's Theory of evolution cause controversy?
Because it disagreed with the Biblical account of creation
What class was growing the fastest during the 1800's?
The Middle Class
Who were Orville and Wilbur Wright?
They were American Bicycle makers, and in 1903 they flew their fimsy airplane at Kitty Hawk, NC.