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Cry for the moon

Ask for the impossible

Cock and bull story

A made up story

Have butterflies in one's stomach

Like a cat on hot bricks

Very nervous

Tell against

To go against

At sea

To be confused

To burn one's finger

To face a bad result

Behind one's back

In the absence of

A cold fish

A person with no emotion

Let sleeping dogs lie

Do not instigate trouble

Lal Bahadur shastri ji died in harness

Died in Harness

Died while working

Kicking his heels

Wasting time

Origin if universe is a hard nut to crack fir astrophysicists

A hard nut to crack

A difficult problem

I want to buy Mac pad but then I have to cut my coat according to my coat.

Cut your coat according to your cloth

Live within your means


Wet behind the ears


Spill the beans

Gave the game away

Gave out the secret

To do what you are ordered or expected to do

Toe the line

To follow the lead

I finally left home for good

For good


The alpha and omega

Beginning and end


My brother pulled a fast one when he said he has a headache and can't go to the school.

Pull a fast one

To succeed in an act of deception

Feather one's own nest

To make oneself richer in a dishonest or improper way

I have been a member of that club for donkey's years

Donkeys years

A long time

Don't ask such daft questions

As daft as a brush

Extremely silly, very foolish

Put up the shutters

1: Close a shop or business at the end of the day.

2: to close permanently

Beyond the pale

Unacceptable; outside agreed standards of decency

My neighbor thinks he can intimadate me, but he will soon realise that he has caught a tartar.

Catch a tartar

To encounter to reckon with someone or something that proves more powerful, troublesome.

A golden mean; the goldilocks zone

Middle course between 2 extremes

Catch time by the forelock

Seize an opportunity

A dog's breakfast

A poor piece of work; a mess

Fixing india's infrastructure woes seems like a Penelope's web

Stir up a hornet's nest

To create a lot of trouble

Penelope's web

An endless job

He might act like an expert but he doesn't know beans about the subject

Salad days

The days of one's youthful inexperience

Don't know beans about something

To know nothing about something

The gift of the gab

Ability to speak well

Apple of discord

Something that causes trouble or unhappiness

On the horns of dilemma

Having to decide between 2 things, people, etc

Go scot-free

To escape without permission

Laptops are the best thing since sliced bread

Leave in the lurch

To leave someone waiting for or anticipating your actions

Best thing since sliced bread

One which is extremely good


A situation in which it's impossible to succeed because of conflicting rules or conditions

Crux of the matter

Most essential part of the problem

Dodged a bullet

Barely escaped from a dangerous situation