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Amber ICING is flashing on the FMA

Electronic ice detector detects ice accretion (de icing not yet selected ON)

The aircraft is in IMC. Is that considered icing conditions?

Yes, because TAT is below +7°C

The aircraft is on the ground in fog conditions. Is an icing T/O necessary?

No, because SAT is above 5°

You see ice on the IEP:

You tien in ANTI ICING (if not done yet) and DE ICING (ENG, AIRFRAME)

Anti icing:

HORN 1 has faulted

De icing:

Is active

Amber fault light indicates:

Aircraft Performance Monitoring (APM) system is faulty

CRZ SPD LO indicates:

Aircraft speed is below expected performance level (-10kts)

Airport conditions: expect icing for takeoff. T/O data has been confirmed by the crew. Is this data correct?

No, because ICING CONDITIONS option is not selected and speeds are computed for normal conditions

Whenever the icing AOA is illuminated the aircraft is protected by an earlier stall threshold as follows:

Both the stall alert and stick pusher thresholds are modified

Aircraft ice protection is provided by:

Electrical heating and pneumatic boots

Under normal operating conditions, when is it possible to use the propeller anti icing system?

Only when the NP is above 63%

During Hotel mode operation, with the probes and windshield heating both switched ON, what items are heated?

Static ports and STBY pitot

Electrical current for anti-icing is provided bytje ACW system for:

Propeller blades, windshields, proves and flight control horns

If there is fault with the de/anti icing automatic mode, when should the DE ICING manual mode push button be selected to SLOW?

When SAT is below - 20°, causes a cycle length of 180 seconds

With both the airframe and engine de-icing selected on, they are:

De-iced sequentially

With OEI, are both sides of the airframe de-icing system supplied?


With the propeller anti-icing mode selector push button selected to ON:

Blades are heated for 20 seconds with a total cycle duration 80 seconds