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A powerful spreadsheet program that allows you to organize data, complete calculations, make decisions, graph data, and create reports.
Microsoft Excel
What are the four parts to Microsoft Excel?
Worksheets, Charts, Databases, and Web Support
This is a separate window that enables users to carry out some Excel tasks more efficiently.
Task Pane
When Excel starts it creates a new blank _______, called Book1.
Each worksheet name on the workbook pages are named at the bottom of the page and displays on the _______.
Sheet Tab
The column letter above the grid that names the column is called the ______.
Column Heading
A row number on the left side of the grid names the rows by numbers and is called the _______.
Row Heading
The basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter Data.
A cell is referred to by it's unique address which is the coordinates of the intersecting row and column and is called the _______________.
Cell Reference
Only one cell at a time is available for you to use to enter data and that cell is called the ___________.
Active Cell
The active cell reference displays immediately above Column A in the _____.
Name Box
The horizontal and vertical lines on the worksheet are called ______.
The mouse pointer displays as this whenever it is located in a cell on the worksheet.
Block Plus Sign
The mouse pointer turns into this whenever you move outside the worksheet or when you drag the cell contents between rows and columns.
Block Arrow
You view the portion of the worksheet displayed on the screen through this.
Worksheet Window
Below and to the right of the Worksheet Window are three things that can be used to move the window around and view different parts of the active worksheet.
Scroll Bars, Scroll Arrows, and Scroll Boxes
You can use this to increase or decrease the view of the sheet tabs and is located to the right of the Sheet Tabs at the bottom of the screen.
Tab Split Box
A _____ is a list of commands.
If you point to a command on a menu with an arrow to its right, a ______ displays.
When you click a menu name on the menu bar, a _____ displays and lists the most recently used commands.
Short Menu
The ________ displays or lists ALL of the commands associated with a menu.
Full Menu
When you move the mouse pointer over a button or box, the name displays below it in a ___________.
Screen Tip
You can show the two tool-bars on two rows by clicking the _______________ in the Toolbar Options List.
Show Buttons on Two Rows Command
As you type the data displays in the _______.
Formula Bar
This displays a brief description of the command selected in a menu, a function of the button, or the Mode of Excel.
Status Bar
This can be used in place of a calculator to view sums, averages, or other types of totals of a group of numbers on a worksheet.
AutoCalculate Area
__________ show which keys are engaged.
Keyboard Indicators
In Excel, any characters containing a letter, hyphen, or space is considered ______.
The __________ is a blinking vertical line that indicates where the next typed character will be displayed.
Insertion Point
________ means that the text will be placed at the far left of the cell.
Clicking the ______ completes the entry and clicking the ______ cancels the entry.
Enter Box , Cancel Box
The ______ works behind the scenes to correct common mistakes when you complete a text entry in a cell.
AutoCorrect Feature
________ means the text or characters are displayed to the far right of the cell.
The ________ is a convient way to add the numbers in cells together.
Sum Function
You can use the _______ on the standard toolbar to enter the Sum Function.
AutoSum button
Excel surrounds the proposed cell to sum with a moving border called a ______.
A _____ is a series of two or more adjacent cells in a column or row or a rectangular group of cells.
The cell being copied is called this.
Source Area or Copy Area
The range of cells receiving the copy is called the _______.
Destination Area or Paste Area
each adjusted cell reference is called a ______.
Relative Reference
The _____ is the small black square located in the lower-right corner of the heavy border around an active cell.
Fill Handle
The heavy border and transparent (blue) background is called the ______.
See-Through View
This is an alternative to merging cells.
Splitting a Cell
Excel has several customized format styles called ________ that allow you to format the body of the worksheet.
Table Formats
This box is located on the left side of the Formula Bar.
Name Box