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A powerful database management system (DBMS)and allows you to create and process data in a database.
Microsoft Access
DBMS Stands for what?
Database Management System
List the Key Features for Microsoft Access.
1. Data Entry and update
2. Questions
3. Forms
4. Reports
5. Web Support
This is a term that describes a collection of data organized so that Access can retrieve and use that data.
The rows in a table are called ______.
A _____ contains a specific piece in information within a record.
No two customers or things will have the same number. These identifying numbers are called _____ _____ or _____ ______.
Unique Identifiers or Primary Keys
A ____ ____ is a separate window that enables users to carry out some Access tasks more efficiently.
Task Pane
The ____ ____ can guide you in using Access by suggesting commonly used databases.
Database Wizard
The first bar on the desktop is the ____ _____.
Title Bar
The ____ ____ allows you to perform certain tasks more quickly than using the menu bar.
Database Toolbar
The ____ _____ allows you quick access to a variety of objects such as; tables, queries, forms, and reports.
Database Window
In each field in Access you must indicate the following three things.
1. Field Name
2. Data Type
3. Description
List the 4 rules for field names.
1. Up to 64 characters in length
2. Can contain letters, numbers, and spaces, and punctuation marks.
3. Cannot contain periods, exclamation marks, accent graves, or square brackets.
4. The same name cannot be used for 2 different fields in the same table.
Three data types that you might use would be?
1. Text
2. Number
3. Currency
The ____ _____ is the small box or bar, that when clicked, indicates the field you are currently describing.
Row Selector
A _____ is a collection of rows and columns in a table form.
The ____ ____ found in the Datasheet View are used to move and change records and is found in the lower-left corner of the screen.
Navigation Buttons
______ orientation means the printout is across the width of the page.
An easy way to change the printout orientation is to use the ____ ____ to see which orientation would be best for printing.
Print Preview
To see a single record at a time, use the ____ _____.
Form View
The ___ ____ located at the top of the page contains a custom title.
Page Header
The ___ ____ are the lines that are printed for each record based on the fields you specify.
Detail Lines
This box allows you to type free form questions and is located on the right side of the menu bar.
Ask A Question Box