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What is the Arabic word for "place for prostration"
In 1947, a shephard found potted vessels which contianed what would be known as the dead Sea Scrolls. These Scrolls containd wahay works? (3)
Torah- Five books of Moses
Neviim- The Prophets
Ketubim- The writtings
What are the 5 pillars of islam?
What does the greek word evangelos mean?
Bearer of god
What monastery sits at the foot of Mt.Sinai, near the tip of the Sinai peninsula, were, according to the Old Testement, Mosses received the Ten commandments?
St catherine
What type of Church is Santa Costanza?
Central Plan Church
What greek letters are usd as a symbol to stand for the word Christos?
Chio and rho
What leader decided in year 313 to issue the Edict of Milan, which granted religious freedom for all?
Constantine the great
Mom is Helania
What is a stupa?
Burial Mound
Only 8 in the world
Which saint translated the Hebrew Bible and the Greek books fo the New Testament inton Latin, creating what is known as the Vulgate?
Saint Jerome
What is the stylized, artistic writing which is traditional in Arabic script?
Pearsons of very near total elightenmeent, but who ahve vowed to ehlp others to achieve buddahood before crossing over into nirvana, are know as?
What bishop composed simple melodic songs, or psalms, which is characterized by one syllable for each note or hym?
What city is 200 sauare miles large, protected by a 30 foot high wall and known as "The City of Heavan" Marco Polo visited when he crossed the Silk Road between the years of 1254-1324
Who is buried in Santa Costanza?
Daughter of constanino
What are the Four Noble truths?
Life is suffering
This suffering has a casuse which is ignorance
The way to overcome this ignorance is by following path of right view, right resolve, right speech, right action, right mindfull
Which bishop wrote the books Confessions and City of God?
St Augustine
The cult of Mithras is originated with what group?
What object that Justinian and Therodora are holding in the mosaics with San Vitale at Ravenna?
Justina- Large golden "paten"
Therodora- "Challas" of wine
What greek word is an acronym for Jesus Christ, son of God, Savior?
Ichthys (greekword for fish)