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Anterior Thorax

- Pectoralis Minor

- Beneath pectoralis major.

- O = Anterior surface of ribs 3-5

- I = Coracoid process

- Draw scapula forward and downward

Anterior Thorax

- Serratus anterior

- Fan-shaped, deep to scapula, inferior to pectoral muscles.

- O = Series of muscle slips from ribs 1-8.

- I = Anterior surface of vertebral border of scapula

- Rotates scapula so its inferior angle moves laterally and upward. Abduct and raises arm. "Boxer's Muscle"

Anterior Thorax

- Subclavis

- Cylindrical muscle from rib 1 to clavicle.

- O = Costal cartilage of rib 1

- I = Inferior surface of clavicle.

- Stabilize and depress pectoral girdle

Posterior Thorax

- Levator Scapulae

- Back and side of neck, deep to trapezius, straplike.

- O = Transverse process C1-C4.

- I = Medial border of scapula.

- Elevates, adducts scapula.

Posterior Thorax

- Rhomboids (minor and major)

- Diamond-shaped muscles, deep to trapezius, inferior to levator scapulae.

- O = Spinois process of C7 and T1 (minor) and T2-T5 (major)

- I = Medial border of scapula

- Stabilize scapula, squares shoulders,


- Latissimus dorsi

- Triangular muscle of lower back, superficial origins. Superiorly covered by trapezius.

- O = Lower 6 thoracic, lumbar, lower 3-4 ribs, iliac crest

- I = Spirals around teres major

- Prime mover of arm extension, arm adductor, medially rotates arm at shoulder.


- Subscapularis

- Rotator cuff muscle, tendon of insertion passes in front of shoulder joint.

- O = Subscapular fossa

- I = Lesser tubercle of humerus

- Chief medial rotator of arm, helps hold head of humerus in glenoid cavity


- Pectoralis major

- Fan-shaped muscle, cover superior portion of chest.

- O = sternal end of clavicle

- I = Intertubercular sulcus and greater tubercle

- Adducts and medially rotates arm,


- Deltoid

- Multipennate, rounded shoulder mass.

- O = Trapezius, lateral third of clavicle, acromion and scapula spine.

- I = Deltoid tuberosity

- Prime mover of arm abduction when all fibers contract simultaneously.


- Supraspinatus

- Posterior to scapula, deep to trapezius, rotator cuff muscle.

- O = Supraspinous fossa

- I = Greater tubercle of humerus

- Initiates abduction of arm, stabilizes shoulder joint.


- Infraspinatus

- Partially covered by deltoid and trapezius, rotator cuff muscle

- O = Infraspinous fossa of scapula

- I = Greater tubercle of humerus

- Rotates arm laterally, holds head in glenoid fossa


- Teres minor

- Small, inferior to infraspinatus, rotator cuff muscle.

- O = Lateral border of scapular surface

- I = Greater tubercle of humerus

- Same as infraspinatus


- Teres major

- Thick, inferior to teres minor.

- O = Posterior surface of scapula at inferior edge

- I = Crest of lesser tubercle on anterior humerus

- Extends, medially rotates and adducts arm


- Coracobrachialis

- Cylindrical muscle

- O = Coracoid process

- I = Medial surface of humeral shaft

- Flexes and adducts arm