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Taste buds are located on the apical surface of circumvallated papillae
Taste sensation is carried by the facial glossopharyngeal and vagus nerves
The transparancy of the cornea is due to the presence of air-filled corneal epithelial cells
Light entering the eye passes through the vitreous humor first to the rod and cone cells, then to bipolar cell, and finally to ganglion cells adjacent to the pigmented retina
The posterior segment of the eye contains vitreous humor whereas the posterior chamber contains aqueous humor
The vestibule of the ear lies between the semicircular canals and the cochlea
The incus bridges the gap between the stapes connected to the oval window and the malleus connected to the tympanic membrane
Which of the following structures in the eye are pigmented?
The retina
The ora serrata is a
Part of the retina
Which of the following areas has the highest concentration of cones?
The fovea centralis
Which is true about a retinal detachment?
It can result from a blow to the eye
Clouding of which of the following structures would lead to a clinical condition known as a cataract?
Hair cells are receptors for
Both hearing and equilibrium
The middle ear cavity is normally filled with
Olfactory cells and taste buds are stimulated by
Substances in the solution
Receptors for hearing are located in the
Nearsightedness is more properly called
Scientist who are trying to find a way to make neurons divide to heal nerve injuries often study the body's only mitotic neurons. These neurons are the
Olfactory receptors
The transmission of sound vibrations through the outer ear occurs chiefly through
The nerve carrying taste information from the anterior two-thirds of the tongue is the
What structure regulates the amount of light passing to the visual receptors of the eye
The center for vision in the cerebral cortex is located in the
Occipital lobe
An accident victim found that he could not easily taste sweet, sour, or salty substances. Which cranial nerve was probably damaged?
Microvilli from gustatory cells project through this structure
Taste pore
The blind spot of vision
Optic disk
Spiral organ containing cochlear hair cells
Organ of Corti
Disorder caused by the presence of excessive endolymph
Meniere's syndrome
Taste buds are located in circumvallate and ........ papillae of the tongue
The sensory......of the eyes consists of an outer pigmented layer and an inner neural layer
The posterior segment of the eye contains.....humor
The ........separates the external and middle ears
tympanic membrane