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"occupied Japan"
name for the time period just after WWII during which the U.S. controlled Japan
Supervised the rebuilding of Japan for most of this period.
General Douglas MacArthur
Recieved its full independence from Britain
Because of religious difference, the area called India was divided into these two countries. Name these countries and the religion
Present day India: majority were Hindu
Present day Pakistan: majority were Muslim
the division caused fighting between __________ & __________-hundreds of thousands were killed
Muslims and Hindus
Assassinated (Indian)
Mohandas Gandhi
First prime minister of India
Friend of Mohandas Gandhi
Not related to Mohandas Gandhi (2 people)
Indira Gandhi and Rajiv
Prime minister after Nehru
Indira Gandhi
Daughter of Nehru
Indira Gandhi
assassinated while in office
Indira Gandhi
Assassinated by bodyguards
Indira Gandhi
Prime Minister after Indira
Indira's son
Grandson of Nehru
Rajiv Gandhi
Grandson of Nehru
Rajiv Gandhi
Assassinated while campaigning for the office of Prime Minister
Rajiv Gandhi
One country although separated by more than a thousand miles
East and West Pakistan
One country although separated by more than a thousand miles
East and West Pakistan
Known as Bangladesh
East Pakistan
Became a separate country
East Pakistan, also known as Bangladesh
Very poor country
East Pakistan/Bangladesh
Has suffered many droughts, floods and famines
East Pakistan/Bangladesh
West Pakistan has been called ______________ since 1971
______ ________ _________ were instituted in China
Five Year Plans
Farmers were forced to move to __________-___________ ________
government owned farms
Took over all industries
Serious problems occurred, including the _________ of millions from __________
death of millions from starvation
Some ______ _________ ________ _______ began to question Mao Zedong's leadership
Chinese communist party officials
Launched the cultural revolution
Mao and his supporters
Mao's opponents were _____ (many were ___________ and others _________)
purged (many were punished and others executed
China was in _______
Disputes between _____________ ________ and _______ _______ had caused a split between the two nations
Communist China and Soviet Union
The split between Communist China and Soviet Union was called
Sino-Soviet Split
The relationships between the ___ and _________ _____ improved
U.S. and Communist China
_________ _______ became the first U.S. President to visit Communist China
Richard Nixon
Mao ______
Mikhail Gorbachev visited _________ _____
Communist China
Why did Gorbachev decided to visit Communist China?
to improve Russia's relationship with Communist China
The Gorbachev/Zedong meeting was
the first meeting of a Russian leader and a Chinese leader since 1959
Located in China's capital city
Tianenmen Square
China's capital city
Beijing is also known as
April and May, thousands of Chinese gathered here to ______ against the goverment
Tianenmen Square to protest
Chinese troops forced the people to leave here: thousands were _____ or ________
Tianenmen Square, killed or wounded
Still a communist nation today
owned by the U.S. from 1898 to 1946
Received its independence from the U.S.
Controlled by the Turks for hundreds of years
At the end of WWII, this area was _______ _____ from the Turks
taken away
Two groups wanted control of Palestine: name these
1. Jews
2. Arabs
Name the thing Jews and Arabs had in common
Both had lived in Palestine in ancient times
the Arabs were mainly (religion)
The Jewish people began the _________ movement
Zionist movement was
the Jewish people wanting their own country formed in Palestine
After the _________, more Jews moved to the ___________ area
Holocaust, more Jews moved to the Palestine area
The __________ ____________ wanted to divide Palestine area into two parts
United Nations
These two areas would be for the ________ and __________
Jews and Arabs
Jews established the nation of ________ in _____ of Palestine
Israel in part
The following day, ______ _________ attacked Israel
Arab countries
Who won the Jewish-Arab war after months of fighting?
The Jews
Jews from around the world moved to _____
Today, there is no nation called _______
The area previously called Palestine is mainly _____ property
Palestine is a _______, not a _________
Area, not a nation
Arabs in the area of Palestine (or who left the area of Palestine) became known as ____________
Most (arabs that lived in this region) believed the _________ ___ ________ should not exist
nation of Israel
Some (arabs that lived in the region of palestine) organized a group called
Palestine Liberation Organization
Goal of PLA was to ____ over ______'s land
take over Israel's land
The Palestine Liberation Organization was headed by
Yasir Arafat
The Palestine Liberation Organization was involved in many __________ _________
terrorist activities
The Arabs and Jews have fought several wars-the most important was the ______ _____ war
Six Day War
Israel gained several pieces of Arab territory-name these (5 pieces)
1. Gaza Strip (from Egypt)
2. Sinai Peninsula (from Egypt)
3. Golan Heights (from Syria)
4. Arab part of Jerusalem (from Palestinians)
5. West Bank of the Jordan River (from Jordan
Name the "occupied territories"
Gaza Strip, Sinai Peninsula, Golan heights, Arab part of Jerusalem, West Bank of Jordan River
Agreement signed by the leader of Egypt and the leader of Israel (Arab and Jew)
Camp David Peace Accords
________ agreed to recognize the right of Israel to exist
Israel returned the _______ ___________ to Egypt
Sinai Peninsula
Arafat said the ___ would no longer oppose the existence of Israel if Israwl would give some of the _________ ________ to the Palestinians
PLO / occupied territories
Palestinians received the right to begin controlling the ____ ___ and part of the __ _____
Gaza Strip West Bank
The Palestinians wanted their own _____
Today, ____ percent of Israels' population is ______-most of the remainder is _________
OPEC stands for
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
The OPEC is made up mainly of ________ ________ nations
Middle Eastern
These countries often agree not to sell oil ____ _______ _____
below certain price
The predominant religious group in the Middle East is _______
Two main groups of Muslims exist. Name these two groups
1. Shiites
2. Sunnis (Sunnites)
Muslim extremists have numerous terrorist groups including: (4)
1. Islamic Jihad
2. Hezbollah
3. Homas
4. Al Quaida
Revolution took place there
Leader (___ ____) was overthrown-he fled _____
(the shah) was overthrown-he fled Iran
Leader after present leader was overthrown
Ayatollah Khomeini
President ________ _______ allowed the ____ to enter the U.S. to recieve medical treatment
Jimmy Carter, shah
Iranians captured the ___ ________ in ____
U.S. Embassy in Iran
More than __ ___________ were taken hostage
50 Americans
Iranians demanded the _________ _ _ ______ to ____ in exchange for the ______ they later planned to _______ _ ____
return of the shah to Iran in exchange for the hostages, they later planned to execute the shah
The U.S.'s answer to the Iranian kidnapper's demands was
not to return the shah
_____ left the U.S.-died in ____
Shah, Egypt
______ were finally ______ after being held ___ months
Hostages were finally released after being held 14 months
_________ was the leader of Iran until his death
How many countries sent troops to fight Iraq and which country sent the most troops?
About 30, U.S.
President during the Persian Gulf War was
George Bush (not current president, but Bush Sr.
Iraq's powerful army overran _______
President Bush ordered an_____ against Iraq
President Bush orders deployment of ____ _________ _____ and warplanes to __________
U.S. combat troops/Saudi Arabia
Iragi President _______ ______
Saddam Hussein
The __ ___________ _________ votes _-_ to give Iraq six weeks to pull its troops out of Kuwait before the __ and its allies in the gulf are free to launch a military strike
UN Security Council/12-2/U.S.
Said he would go to _____ for one last try at persuading the Iraqis to pull out of Kuwait
Irag, the UN Secretary General
The __ deadline expired
The ____ launches ____ ______ against ____ and ______
U.S. launches air attacks against Iraq and Kuwait
_____ ground forces smash thorugh Iraqi-built defenses such as ____ and ______, crossing into _____ and ________ _____.
US ground forces smash through Iraqi-built defenses such as berms and trenches, crossing into Kuwait and Southern Iraq
_________ ____ acknowledges that the ground offensive has begun and says "___________________________________________________________"
President Bush, says "The liberation of Kuwait has now entered a final phase"
Desert Storm Commander
General Norman Schwarzkopf
Iraqi leaders agree to
discuss terms for a permanent cease fire
Persian Gulf war called
Operation Desert Storm
Queen of England
Elizabeth II
Prime Minister of England
Tony Blair
French President at end of WWII
Charles de Gaulle
Democratic government set here after the death of _________ ________
Spain, Francisco Franco
Constitutional monarchy today
Spain, King Juan Carlos
Taken over by Britain
_____ often mistreated the _____
Britain mistreated Irish
Many _______ ______ sttled there-particularly in the ______ part
English Protestants settled (in Ireland) northern part
______ suffered discrimination
After WWI, the ____________ ___ of Ireland was granted ____________
southern part, independence
Southern part of Ireland is called
Republic of Ireland
Separate country today
Southern Ireland/Republic of Ireland
Almost everyone here is Roman Catholic
Southern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, independent
Still part of Britain
Northern Ireland
Most people here are Protestant
Northern Ireland
Almost all want to remain under British control
Northern Ireland (controlled by England)
Minority here are Catholics
Northern Ireland
Almost all _______ want to unite _________ ____ with the _________ ___ ___________
catholics want to unite Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland
Fighting between the ________ and ___________ in ___________ _________- has occurred for years and is still occurring
Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland
Means Irish Republican Army
wants to unite __________ _______- with _________ ________ ___ _____________
Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland
Involved in ___________ ___________ in Northern Ireland and England
terrorist activities
involved in ______ _________ in _________ ___________ and __________
Irish Republican Army, terrorist activies in Northern Ireland and England
Began with 6 European nations
Common Market
Purpose of Common Market
To make it easier for these countries to trade with each other
Name of Common Market changed to
European Union
Today, ___ European nations are members
Most of these nations now use the same
what is the currency used by European Union?
the euro
These nations elect members to a ____________ _______________
European Parliament
Received the USSR'S seat on the UN security council when the Societ Union ceased to exist
Past President
Boris Yeltsin
President today in Russia
Vladimir Putin
Split into 2 separate nations
The 2 new nations are named __________- and ___________
Slovakia and Czech Republic
Past communist country
Many different nationalities here
civil war began here
old country no longer exists-it is now divided into __ natoins, one is called _________
5, Yugoslavia
Members of Al Quaida crashed 2 planes into the _________ _________ ______ and one plane into_ ___________
World Trade Center and one in the Pentagon
U.S. headquarters military in __________ _____
washington dc, Pentagon
How many people were killed in the terrorist attacks?
U.S. attacked ___________- because the government of that country supported ____ ________ and allowed the terrorist group to ______ there
Afghanistan because the government of that country supported Al Quaida and allowed the terrorist group to train there
government of Afghanistan that was overthrown
Israel became a nation
Iranians captured U.S. embassy in Iran
Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Storm_