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This Nashville-based studio pianist perfected the “slip-note” technique.

Floyd Cramer

This band’s cover of Leadbelly’s rendition of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night?” closed their set on MTV Unplugged.


What promotional short, featuring Elvis Presley, is considered to be the first ever music video?

" Jailhouse Rock"

What radio/television program, founded in 1925, is aired from Nashville, TN, every week (to this day!)?

The Grand Ole Opry

This raucous saxophonist was featured on virtually every hit by The Coasters.

King Curtis

This sun studio artist’s career floundered after he married his13-year-oldcousin.

Jerry Lee Lewis

The super group The Traveling Wilburys featured this former Sun Studios and Monument rockabilly star in collaboration with Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, and Jeff Lynne.

Roy Orbison

What was the first rock and roll song used in a movie? (HINT: Blackboard Jungle)

"Rock Around the Clock"

The hybrid style known as Western Swing (jazz and country) is most synonymous with this group.

The Texas Playboys

Which former Sun Studios star toured the U.S. prison system to promotehis reputation?

Johnny Cash

This doo-wop group, featuring bass Jimmy Ricks, sparked a surge of bird-named vocal ensembles.

The Ravens

This folk group performed pro-union songs during World War II, fighting for equal rights, benefits, and pay for women in the workplace

The Almanac Singers

What event was Sam Cooke’s song “A Change Is Gonna Come” a reaction to?

The March on Washington

Which Sun Studios artist’s touring career ended after a car accident in 1956?

Carl Perkins

Who was the founder and chief producer at Sun Studios?

Sam Phillips

What post-production technique did Sam Phillips pioneer at Sun Studios?


Which rockabilly musician became the first international rock star?

Bill Haley

Which former lead singer of The Drifters had a huge hit with the Leiber/Stoller song “Stand By Me” in 1961?

Ben E. King

This soul singer’s version of “Georgia On My Mind” is now the state song of Georgia.

Ray Charles

On which television program did Elvis Presley first perform his notorious version of “Hound Dog?”

The Milton Berle Show