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Father of Medicine. Wrote Oath to Hippocrates
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
Created first microscope. Discovered existence of tiny organisms.
Gabrielle Fallopius
Discovered female fallopian tubes
Louis Pasteur
Discovered tiny microorganisms can cause disease, created process of pasteurization
Sigmund Freud
Discovered mind has conscious/unconscious parts, Father of psychology and psychiatry
Garhard Domagk
Used sulfonamide compount to create fist medicine to kill bacteria
Benjamin Franklin
Invented bifocals, discovered colds passed from one person to another
Wilhelm Roentgen
Discovered X-rays by accident
Edward Jenner
Created immunization to smallpox, lead to immunization and beginning of preventive medicine
Ignaz Semmelweiss
Identified child bed fever. Created a sanitary system for doctors
Leonardo da Vinci
Drawed and studied human anatomy
Robert Kock
Discovered disease causing microorganisms, Father of Microbiology, introduced sanitation to prevent disease
Bartholommeo Eustachus
discovered Eustacian tubes
Joseph Lister
used first antiseptic during surgery
William Harvey
used knowledge from Vinci to understand circulation of blood
Jonas Salk
discovered killed polio virus caused immunity to disease, with injectable vaccine
Rene' Laennec
Invented stethoscope
James Lind
found cure for scurvy
Alexander Fleming
discovered penicillin
Albert Sabin
used live polio virus to form more effective vaccine
Distinguished smallpox and measles
Paul Elrich
found cure for shypilus about 606 attempts
Thomas Sydenhem
English Hippocrates
Joseph Priestly
discovered oxygen released from plants during photosynthesis