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leon trotsky
leader of the whites
called for a western education
partition of poland
division of poland by russia
russu-japanese war
japanese defeated the russians; first time a small country beat a major world power; japan became a major world power
who was frederick the great?
liked art and philosophy but not military matters; defeated the hapsburgs
zimmerman telegram
cabled the german abasador in mexico; tried to urge mexico into war as a german ally; in return germany would help mexico regain territory in the us; intercepted by the british and passed to the US; published in press and outraged americans; got america in to the war
meiji restoration
western style reforms in japan that abolished feudalism and adopted a constitution based on the autocratic prussian model
What was the Act of Union?
union of England and Scotland
claude monet
worked outside to capture nature directly on his canvas
karl marx
english; established communism
gavrillo princep
killed francis ferdinand; part of the Black Hand
john locke
wrote that human beings were born without pre-xisting ideas and principles; the human mind was a "clean slate" that was shaped bye environment, education, and society
stages of history
1. primitive communism
2. Slavery
3. feudalism
4. capitalism
5. modern communism
eli whitney
invented the cotton gin
industrial revolution
intense phase of tenchnological development; began in britain
argued that indians should recieve an essentially indian education
sick man of europe
ottoman empire; countries were sure it was gonna collapse
cecil rhodes
became prime minister of cape colony, resigned, and then built ralways that connected new colonies to southern africa and the east african coast
gavrillo princep
killed francis ferdinand; part of the Black Hand; a secret serbian nationalist group
battle of jutland
british strategic victory because the german fleet remained in port for the rest of war
great trek
mass boer migration from caple colony to the african interior
tongi restoration
major reform program in china THAT INcluded lowering farm taxes and undertaking water control projects
treat of breast-litovsk
took russia out of the war
quadruple alliance
great britain, russia, prussia, and austria; to keep international peace and put down international rebellion and revolution
count cavour
prime minister of sardinia; the "brain"
bastille day
working pople of baris stormed the bastille to finde weapons; July, 14, 1789
leaders of the new german republic agreed to ally terms for an armistice ending the hostilities until a formal treaty could be completed
treaty of versailles
allies treaty with germany after the war; germany to pay reparations
fourteen points
president wilson's program designed to lay the foundation of a lasting world peace
russian unions and councils through which worker expressed grievances
charles darwin
developed the theory of evolution
former army officers and army gruops of russia including the Cossacks who formed the military units between 1918-1920 to fight the bolshevik red army in the russian civil war
giseppe garabaldi
the "sword"; was known as one of the most skillful guerilla warfare generals of all time
boxer rebellion
anti-foreign society; made china fall
bolshevik military units
herbert spencer
english; tried to apply darsin's theories to society
francis ferdinand
heir to the hapsburg throne; killed the the Black Hand
pablo picasso
experimental artist used shapes (mostly cubes) to form unusual images in paintings
battle of saratoga
first win of the patriots against the british
shaka zulu
leaser of the amo-zulu clan
battle of yorktown
ended war with combined attack by us and france
agricultural revolution
shift from food gathering to food producing; introduction of new farming methods
dual monarchy
double-rule; government of austria-hungary
partition of africa
divided between belguim and germany
congress of vienna
congress to negotiate a full and definite settlement of european peace following the napoleonic wars
causes of world war I
1. nationalism
2. imperialism
3. militarism
4. alliances
blood and iron
quote by otto von bismark to win war
Otto von bismark
leader of purssia for a while
alexander II
csar of russia; crushed the big rebellion
napoleon's defeat
franco-prussian war
austria vs. germany
benign neglect
harsh neglect against british