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7th President of the US

Andrew Jackson`

4th President of the US

James Madison

1845 incorporation into the USA of the republic of Texas, which was admitted to the United States

Annexation of Texas

Certificate issued by a government for an amount of money that the government promises to pay back with interest


6th US President

John Quincy Adams

5th President of the US and the last president who was the founding father

James Monroe

The idea that the US was the best and had been chosen by God to take all the land from the Atlantic and Pacific

Manifest Destiny

South Carolina believed that since they couldn't cancel out the tax they would break away from the union


Going against the government

Sedition Act

Statement written by the US that any attempt by European country to create new colonies in the Americas would be seen as an act of war

Monroe Doctrine

Someone from outside the country, the federalists were worried about the French coming to America

Alien Act

A principle that the supreme court has the right to decide whether acts of congress are constitutional or not

Judicial Review

9th US President and was the first president to die in office

William Henry Harrison

Name given to the issue with the French when Ambassadors from the US were greeted by and bribed by three french agents. Sent them to France to help the ships from bombing us

XYZ Affair

Founding father of the United States and he was one of the most influential interpreters and promoters in the US constitutuion

Alexander Hamilton

3rd vice president and he served during Thomas Jefferson's first term. He also served as a continental army officer during the Revolutionary War

Aaron Burr

Government order that forbids foreign trade


FormerUS senator and represented in Kentucky in both senate and House of Representatives

Henry Clay

The total amount of money that the government has borrowed (money owed to other countries/citizens)

National Debt

It was the purchase of Louisiana by the US from France

Louisiana Purchase

New national hero (Andrew Jackson), new national anthem, greater industrial strength, greater pride and patriotism, and importance of the states' capital

Outcomes of the War of 1812

2nd US President and served early as the vice president of the US

John Adams

American Explorer, Politician, solider, public administrator

American Explorer, solider, Indian agent, and territorial governor

Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

Not favoring either side in a dispute


1st President of the US

George Washington

Federal statue that regulated slavery in the country's western territories

Missouri Compromise

The right to vote


A group of unofficial advisors to the head of the (a) government. They met in the kitchen to make important decisions

Kitchen Cabinet

A name given to the high tax on foreign goods by southerners, which they thought helped the northerners

Tariff of Abominations

11th US president and he represented in Tennessee. He won the election of 1844, He negotiated the Oregon Territory coming into the US with the British and he was the president during the Mexican War

James K. Polk

The right of states to limit the power of the federal government

States rights

State banks selected by the US Department of Treasury to receive government funds

Government Funds

It was a network of people--- Black and white northerners--- who secretly helped slaves reach freedom

The Underground Railroad

A system when a political party gives out government jobs

Spoils System

Tax placed on goods entering a country


A supporter/representative of the Democratic Party


Idea that the government can't interfere with the economy


It was a route that then governement forced 5 tribes of Native Americans to migrate West of the Mississippi River

Trail of Tears- Indian Removal Act

To cancel a law; unfair tariff

Nullification Crisis

Completely ending slavery


A body of advisers to the president composed of the heads of the executive departments of the government


President of the US in March 1801, was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington DC

Thomas Jefferson

People thought that these 2 people made a suspicious deal during the election

Corrupt Bargain