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The early years of the Nazi party
1. Hitler was a v-man 2. gets the iron cross 3. joins the worker party 4. made 25 point programme 5. replaced Drexler/former leader 6. changed the flag into swastika
The Munich putsch
1. Nazi party took control of Bavarian government 2. police and army was alerted 3. 16 Nazis were killed and Hitler was arrested 4. happened in 1923 5. wanted to control the government by force
Was the Munich putsch a success or a failure?


he only served 9 months not a life sentence.

allowed to speak freely at the trial.

realised he had powerful supporters

he went to an open prison

wrote mien kampf/my struggle


got arrested

what happened wasn't intentional

16 Nazis were killed


D- depression

when the wall street crash happened and caused the depression. Hitler's party had relevance.

R- rivalry

papen and Hindenburg are both trying to get power but both don't want the responsibility of chancellor.

C- communism

people voted for the Nazis because they were scared of communism.

W- Weimar failing

article 48 was being used more regularly but it was supposed to be for an emergency.

H- H factor

Hitler had talent for speeches and he used this to his advantage.

I- ideas and politics

the Nazis said that they give the people food, water and work.

P- propaganda

Goebbels knew how important propaganda was to the Nazis and Hitler. the posters were simple and appealing to people.