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Mauryan Empire
started by Chandragupta Maurya in about 321 B.C. It centered on the lower Ganges River and stretched to the Indus.
grandson of Chandragupta Maurya who brought the empire to its greatest height; great warrior who eventually promoted Buddhism
Religous Toleration
acceptance of people who held other beliefs
a language spoken in 3 kingdoms of southern India never conquered by the Mauryans
Gupta Empire
India's second empire; it started in Magadha in 320 A.D. by Chandra Gupta (no relation to India's first emperor); led to flowering of Indian civilization, especially Hindu culture
family headed by the eldest male
mother, not the father, was head of the house-hold (Tamils of southern India)
one of the two sects in the Buddhist faith that taught that Buddha was god. It was a religion that offered salvation to all and popular worship
the other sect of Buddhism that adheres to the original teachings of Buddhism; also called Hinayana
Hindu god; creator of the world
Hindu god; preserver of the world
Hindu god; destroyer of the world
one of India's greatest writers; may have been the court poet for Chandra Gupta II who reigned from 375-415 A.D.; wrote the Shakuntala
Silk Roads
Caravan route that brought silk from China to western Asia and on to Rome
Han Dynasty
started by Liu Bang in 202 B.C.; it would last for more than 400 years, over two different time periods of about two centuries each
centralized government
a central authority controls the running of a state
civil service
government jobs that civilians obtained by taking examinations
occurs when a group has exclusive control over the production and distribution of certain goods
process of making conquered peoples part of your country's culture