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The bourgeoisie belonged to which estate?
the third estate
European rulers denounced toe French revoluttion because?
they were afraid it would spread
During the reiggn of terror, Robespierre tried to do what?
Crush all opposition to the revolution
Which of the following was the hief goal of the congress of Vienna?
to creat lasting peace
why did the congress of ienna redraw the boudaries of europe?
to encircle France with strong countries
In the cartoon (not shown) why are the scepter or staff and the globe shown fallig from Napoleon's hand?
TO show Napoleon losing power
At which time do you think this cartoon was most likley drawn?
After Hapoleon's defeat at the battle of nations
In 1792 the National Convention voted to abolish the monarchy and declare france what type of government?
a republic
In 1793 King Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette were what?
The leader of the reign of terror was who?
The moderates who took control from radical revolutionaries set up a five man what?
The directory that ruled from 1795 to 1799 was a what?
Which of the following accurately outlies Napoleon's path to power?
Lieutenant, first counsul, emperor
What was the result of Napoleon's invasion of Russia
French defeat
What was PART of the legacy Napoleon left in France?
Greater access to education
Leaders from what three countries dominated the congreaa of Vienna?
Austria, Russia, Britian
What was the goal of the Viennan peacemakers when they redrew the map of Europe?
to contain french ambitions of expansion