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When was the battle of Hastings?

It was in the year 1066

After 1060...

What order was the social ladder in Anglo Saxon society (1060) ?













Who was the king in 1060?

Edward the confessor

Who were the witan and what did they do?

The witan were a council that advised the king on issues of the government. It was made of the kings most trusted people like archbishops and earls.

Name some duties the king had?

1. creating new laws and making sure they are followed.

2.controlling the production of silver pennies.

3.decided when taxes should be paid.

4.could grant land to people

Name some duties of the earls?

1.oversaw legal punishment

2. maintained an elite bodyguards of professional soldiers called house-carls.

3.collecting taxes

What were the regions of England?

Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, Kent, and East Anglia

What is nepotism?

favorism in business shown by relatives and friends.

How did Tostig become the earl of Northumbria?

Because the earl of Northumbria's son, Waltheof, inherited his dads earldom but was to young to lead the men to battle therefore Tostig became earl.

Who was the earldom of East Anglia given to in 1057?

Gyrth Godwinson, Harolds teenage brother

Who became the new earl of Nothumbria in 1055?

Tostig Godwinson, Harolds brother.

The Godwin family helped Edward the confessor to become king, But what did the king get?

The king married the Godwins daughter Edith of Wessex in 1045

How did the Godwinsons gain power and control in East Anglia?

Harold Godwinson married Edith (not his sister). Her family had lots of land in East Anglia which helped them gain control in that area.

Why did Harold Godwinson go to Normandy in the summer of 1064?

To visit the king foe a type of visit called embassy.

What happened on Harolds embassy?

He was travelling to France to find the king but ended up in land between Normandy and Flanders. her was taken prisoner by count guy. William demanded he be set free.

What Happened between William and Harold when they spent time together?

William helped him in two military campaigns and he gave him gifts of weapons and armour. Harold made an oath to william swearing to help support his claim to the throne.

Name some consequences to of the revolt?

1. Edward ordered the earls to raise an army against the rebels.

What was the Danelaw?

Sections of land were only viking ruled. They had their own leaders, laws an ways of life.

Who were the rivals to the throne?

Harold Godwinson, Edgar Aethling, Harold Hardrada, and William of Normandy.

What were the events occurring at the Battle of Stamford Bridge?

William was prevented from sailing because of the stormy winds.King Harold dispatched his troops on September 8th.

Why did Hardrada's army get taken by surprise at Stamford Bridge?

Because they recently faught at