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Industrial Rev. (defin.)

change in the way goods were produced that was a replacement of manual labor by the use of machines

factors of production

basic requirements for industrialization to occur


2.Raw Material

3. Labor, Workers

4.Government Support

Who were the Luddites?

opposition to the industrial revolution

they were a radical anti-technology group

they broke into factories and destroyed machines


the workers


middle class factory owners

Blank Check

Germany had given Austria a "blank check" of support in the war

Powder Keg of Europe

The Balkans were called the "powder keg of Europe" because of political and ethnic tension in the region

Total War

is when the entire resources and population are mobilized towards the war

prosecuting the war against the entire population of the enemy, not just against its military


Trench warfare emerged due the failure of the Schlieffen Plan. It was a new system of warfare which was a direct cause of the stalemate, and this is why. It was a system of defense, not offense. Neither the Allies nor Germany were gaining any ground.


Pan- Slavism

Ethnic Alliances

Unification of all German speaking people or Slavic speaking people

June 28, 1914

Serbian nationalist assassinated Archduke Franz Ferdinand while he was visiting Bosnia

Triple Alliance ( before the war)

Germany Austria and Italy

What two developments happened in 1917?

US entered the War against Germany

Russia left the war

Causes of population growth during the industrial revolution?

1. earlier marriages

2. increased crop yields = improved nutrition

3. reduction of disease


Definition: A nation puts their interest above that of others

Italy and Germany unified leading to war with France

Allies (after the war began)

Britain, France, Russia, Italy and the United States

Triple Entente

Great Britain, France, and Russia

Central Powers

Germany, Austria and Turkey


a policy of extending a country's power and influence through force.

political and economic functions

Entangling Alliances

dangerous coalitions of nations for mutual protection

Schlieffen Plan and why it failed

This was to quickly knock France out of the war by bypassing the forts on the French border and invade Belguim then Germany and Austria would turn on Russia in force.

Failed because they got bogged down and neither could advance.

Why did the industrial revolution begin in Britain?

They were:

Wealthy and had the support of the government.

They had the raw materials needed for industrialization.

How were the lives of the lower class affected by the Indust. Rev. and what class benefited the most?

There was a rise of a new wealthy class called the middle class.

The middle class benefitted more than any other social class

How did the views of early socialists compare with Marx's views?

Marx felt that the utopian ideas were unrealistic and there needed to be a revolution.

Ideas of Karl Marx

History was based on conflict between workers and property owners/bosses

There will be a world wide revolution between workers and bosses.

Revolution would begin in Britain

Then there would be no classes and no conflict

Flaws in Karl Marx's theory

-It Began in Russia not Britain.

-He felt working conditions would always get worse - reform movements, unions and government intervention prevented revoultion.

-people arent always motivated by greed.

-workers arent always unhappy

-The Russian Rev. was brutal and communtist state was oppressive.

Uses of Propaganda

newspapers, books and cartoons produced in an attempt to influence both neutral and enemy countries

Why did the government depict the war as one between good and evil?

To engage the civilian population as well as the military.



What was Serbia's political motivation in the Balkans?

They wanted to unify all ethnic Serbs to create a Slavic State and needed to annex Bosnia to do this.

How did WW1 shape the 20th century?


Darwins Theory?

Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest

Sigmund Freud's views?

People are not creatures of reason and that people act because of subcontious motivation.

Who was Nietzsche?

philosopher who believed that people should reject all moral values except their own.

Who had the greatest influence inn shaping the 20th century?

Darwin, Freud, and Nietzche


A radical art movement that broke the rules of academic painting

colors were more important

painting outside of the studio

Post- Impressionism

Tried to take impressionism even further by using geometric shapes and by using any color they wanted vs. what was typical

What did the Franco-Prussian war complete in regards to Germany?

Unification of Germany

What did Social Darwinists insist about nations and races?

They were engaged in a struggle for which only the strongest and fittest would survive

Why did one military historian call the Battle Of Verdun the greatest battle in world history?

Because of the number of casualties

Why did the youth and intellectuals support the war?

It seemed better than the work of the machine age.

A healthy and heroic antidote to what was regarded as an unbearable and soul-destroying machine age.

What did few of the war supporters envision about WW1?

Four years of barbaric and senseless slaughter

Why did Britain and France become involved in the Crimea War?

To block Russian expansion and then controlling the Eastern Mediterranean.

Results of the Crimean War for Russia

Czar was assassinated. This led to persecution and social upheval.

Why was the crimean war the first modern warfare?

First to use railroads , steam powered ships, and telegraph.

Nietzsche - what did he believe about morals?

People should reject all moral values except their own.