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determinants of health

factors that raise or lower a level of health in a population or individual.

- help explain or predict trends

- explain why some groups have it worse than others


factors relating to the body that impacts on health

- genetics

- body weight

- hormonal changes


actions or patterns of living of an individual or a group that impacts on health

- sun protection - food intake

- levels of physical activity

- substance use - sexual practises

- skills to develop and maintain friendships

- seeking help from health professionals

physical environment

the physical surroundings in which we live, work and play

- tobacco smoking in the house hold

- housing environment

- work environment

- access to recreational facilities

social environment (family and community)

aspects of society and the social environment that impact health

- family cohesion

- socioeconomic status of parents

- media

- community and civic participation (sport, art, faith based activities)

- access to education