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When was HCV identified?


What is the characteristic of the HCV genome?

positive ssDNA


What family is HCV from?


What organ/cell does the HCV infect?


May are the causes of the hepatitus virus?



secondary manifestation of systematic illnesses

What are the two phases of Hepatitis virus infection?

1. nausea, liver enlargement, anorexia

2. icteric phase - jaundice (yellow discolouration of eyes and skin due to bilirubin in blood)

What is cirrhosis?

- Scarring of liver

- formation of nodes on liver due to damaged tissues

- loss of liver function

How is HCV identified?

infect chimpanzees with HCV, screen cDNA expression, isolate HCV

What are the forms of transmission of HCV?

50% intravenous drug use

blood to blood contact

vertical transmission

occupational (nurses prick self with infected blood)

What is the main difference between HCV and other flaviviridaes viruses?

Most flaviviridae virsus are transmitted via an anthropod vector. But most common transmission route for HCV is IDUs.

How many genotypes of HCV are there?

6 genotypes

What are the most common HCV genotype in AUS?

1a and 3a

How many structural genes are there in the HCV gene? what do these genes encode?

3: core, E1 and E2.

these genes encode for the capsid, E1 and E2 forms the glycoprotein.

What % of ppl infected with HCV will go on to lifelong infection/Cirrhosis?


What % of ppl infected with HCV willl make spontaneous recovery?


What are the factors that contribute to viral infection?

host: old age, female, compromised immune system (HIV)

virus viral load, viral quasispecies, co-infection?

What are the 2 methods of diagnosing HCV?

1. EIA = enzyme immunoassay

- screen for HCV antibodies


- screen for RNA genome