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"A remnant will return" Is 7

- Threat "only"

- Promise "will"

- Double-edged message: Ahaz's decision will determine the meaning of Shearjasub

Gomer Bat-Diblaim

Hosea's wife

her marriage w/Hosea= prophetic sign act

2 years before the earthquake

- Famous earthquake in 762

- Amos 1:1 --> speech given @temple of golden calf

-"Land being shaken" 8:8

- Referenced the quake a lot so now its named after him

Ivory Houses of Samaria

Amos 6--> particularly 6:4

"Complacent self-indulgence will be punished"

-God hates the false piety of a people @ ease in Zion and Mt. Samaria

Tiglath Pileser 111

Tukulti‐apil‐Esharra, King of Assyria 745–727 BCE, sometimes known by the hypocoristic Pul or Pulu. Having risen to power after a revolt against Ashur‐nirari V (755–745 BCE), Tiglath‐pileser reversed decades of Assyrian political decline and ousted Urartu as the principal power in Western Asia. He laid the foundations for the most expansive phase of the Neo‐Assyrian empire by a prolonged series of annual campaigns, by reorganizing and geographically extending the Assyrian provincial system, and by massive deportations of troublesome subject populations.

Song of the Vineyard

Song of the Vineyard (5:1-7) Isaiah sings this to his beloved, his lover, who is identified as YHWH as song goes on, as in psalms vineyard metaphor for divine and judahA parabolic song of love YHWH is the lover, Judah is the vineyard, the object of love … Anything I can do more? no Unrequited love “I expected justice (mišpāÿ), but here is bloodshed (mišpā©); what is right (¤ĕdāqâ), but here is outcry (¤ĕÞāqâ)” (5:7) the point is clear judah is object of YWHS TLC and not worth the trouble, Judah has lost YHWH’s loveIsiah- Royal theology but also nuanced, because city being attacked, duet had moved to south, theology impact Isaiah, Still Davidic but nuanced

Feast of Purim

-Spring festival in Jewish liturgical calendar

- Celebrates defeat of haman and survival of Jews in book of Esther


2 Maccabees 15:36

- Book of Esther, her cousin that becomes her foster father

- Manipulates Esther to save Jews because she is a secret Jew in the king's court

- She puts Mordecai in control of haman's property

- Jews can kill anyone that might attack them

purim is also known as Mordecai's day


Head of state (Persia) cast lots to kill all the Jews/prototypical anti-semite/high court official in persian court in book of Esther


- Queen in Esther

- Says no to being paraded around in front of drunken men at the King's party

- Gets killed for this

- Seow called her a feminist hero


King (538 BCE) persia, pretty good guy who let the jews come back to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. 2 Chron 36

Prophetic Sign Acts

Ex. Hosea's Marriage

- used as dramatic effect

- in prophetic context

Ahijah the Shilonite 1 Kgs 11

Zedeiah son Chenaanah 1 Kgs 22 (horns)

Ezekiel --> lays on 1 side for a long time, eats off of animal dung

Pekah son og Remaliah

Israelite king who teamed up with Rezin of Aram to try to depose Ahaz during syro-Ephraimitic war


Rezin of Aram (Syria)

Plus Pekah= tries to dispose of Ahaz

During Syro-Ephraimitic war (753-733)

Book of the 12

Minor prophets were all originally in 1 Scroll


- Southern King

- 8th cent

- "selling poor or a pair of sandals" --> Amos call out

- Ancestor of Jesus


- Great King who reformed: reflect Deuteronomistic interests, also motivated by increased need of centralized control because of assyrian threat.

2 Kings 18


Holy Holy Holy Isaiah 6:3

God= triply transcendent

Sennacheribs Prism

- Sennacherib = assyrian king who invaded Jerusalem