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an illness that affects the mind and prevents a person from being productive, adjusting to life situations, or getting along with others
mental disorder
describes behaviors, feelings, or thoughts that are highly unusual and inappropriate in a given situation
some mental disorders can be traced to physical causes
organic disorder
an irreversible loss of brain function
mental disorders that cannot be traced to physical causes
functional disorders
some mental disorders may be inherited, or passed on to an individual before birth, just as physical characteristics, such as eye color
inborn causes
other mental disorders may be the result of unpleasant experience
early experiences
some mental health specialists think that recent experience in a person's life are more important than early childhood experiences in bringing on mental disorders
current causes
a brief description of a person who suffers from a particular disorder
case study
a fear that does not have an indentifiable source or fear of a danger that no longer exists.
when anxiety persists, howerver it interferes with daily life and it is a sign of mental illness known as
anxiety disorder
when anxiety is related to a specific situation or object, it is called a phobia
phobic disorders
sometimes a person responds to anxiety by letting an idea or thought take over their mind
obsessive compulsive dissorder
an idea or thought that takes over the mind and can not be forgotten
an unreasonable need to behave in a certain way
a mental disorder in which a person complains of physical symptoms, such as pain, when no underlying physical cause can be found is known as
somatoform disorder
a somatoform disorder characterized by a constant fear of disease and preoccupation with one's health
an eating disorder in which a person refuses to eat enough food to maintain a minimum body weight
anorexia nervosa
an eating disorder characterized by eating binges followed by purging
the act of getting rid of food by either self induced vomiting or laxatives
a person whose moods or emotions become extreme and interfere with his or her daily life has a mental disorder known as
mood disorder
when a person is overwhelemed by sad feelings for months and stops being able to carry out everyday activities
clinical depression/major depression
shift from one emotional extreme to the other for no apparent reason
bipolar disorder
behavior that is inflexible and interferes with a person's pursuit of a happy, healthy life
personality disorder
people w/ passive-aggressive personality disorders depend on others to direct them
passive-aggressive personality disorder
people w/ antisocial personality disorders perform cruel and violent acts w/o feeling guilty
antisocial personality disorder
a mental disorder in which a person becomes disconnected from his or her former identity
dissociative disorder
a sudden loss of memory
a painful physical or emotional experience
switch between 2 or more separate personalities
multiple personality disorder
a disorder characterized by unpredictable disturbances in thinking
occurs when several people from the same school or social group attempt to kill themselves within a short period of time
cluster suicide
3 causes of mental disorders
1. inborn causes: inherited or passed on to an individual before birth

2.early experiences: result of unpleasant experience

3.current causes- recent experience in a person's life
kinds of mental disorders
organic disorder- physical
functional disorders- mental
3 different anxiety disorders
phobic- specific situation
general anxiety
2 kinds of eating disorders
mood disorders
1.clinical depression-overwhelemd

2.bipolar disorder
withdrawal from usual activities
radical changes in personality