Psychological Effects Of Schizophrenia In Schools

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About six percent of our population is affected by Schizophrenia mostly in the ages of sixteen through twenty-five. Of those that suffer from the illness most likely do not attend school regularly. Schizophrenia is a serious psychotic disorder, categorized by an imbalance of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin (Myer’s Psychology For AP); much of the population debates whether this illness is nature versus nurture. This illness can affect anyone and it is very damaging to one’s life. Children being diagnosed with schizophrenia have been told multiple times that there is basically no hope for them in any niche in their lives. In order to help these students fulfil their desires, there are many ways that schools can be more supportive …show more content…
It is because the body is changing in so many ways, it is a perfect time for mental illnesses to form, reconstructing the pattern of a teens brain chemicals. Schizophrenia cannot really be seen on a person like any other sickness, it is in the mind. The thing about this illness though is that it is also detrimental to their identity and sense of self because what they experience are not real, and it could tell them various things ranging from that they are evil, bad people and then they do horrific things. Today, we see so many tragedies on the news, schools being raided and kids being killed by people that are psychotic and never got diagnosed and treated correctly. These people take the hallucinations and delusions seriously and then some have brought religion into play as well- because they do not know who they themselves, voices tell them who they are and what they are destined to do and that is how psychopaths and sociopaths get their way. This illness is serious and should be treated as that, some may have it mildly and others may have it severely, but it still should be taken seriously because it gets worse over time with no treatment. This is why we need educational programs and accommodations to help these people get

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