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Hamlet seeks justice, but revenge is outside justice.

- Masefield

Hamlet recognises himself as an instrument of (that) justice.

- Wilson

A society built upon vengeance is a society doomed to destroy itself.

- Goodrich

The society depicted is oppressively narrow and claustrophobic; for the audience as well as Hamlet, Denmark is something of a prison.

- Gardiner

Polonius is mistaken for the King, suggesting the role of the fool.

- Oakes

Hamlet, flying from the sense of reality, seeks a reprieve from the pressure of its duties.

- Coleridge

Horatio's loyalty is a refreshing contrast.

- Gardiner

The idea of an ulcer or tumour as descriptive of the whole condition in Denmark morally.

- Spurgeon

The text reeks with terms symbolic of the loathsomeness of moral disintegration.

- Altick

The Hamlet universe is corrupt, rotten, and Hamlet is the healthy one, seeking to uncover the hidden imposthume.

- Weitz

Mere accidents, independent of all will, form an essential part of the plot.

- Coleridge

Religious rituals and beliefs in purgatory and prayer do not adequately serve as a framework for which Hamlet can make sense of his father's spirit.

- Tieman

Hamlet's dark thoughts leave him unable to act.

- Leavenworth

He is the hero and absolutely must act.

- Corum

In Polonius' scheme of things, a love relationship is much like a financial transaction.

- Gardiner

Freud's assumption is that Gertrude evokes a sense of guilt which Hamlet is unable to tolerate.

- Bierman

Horatio and Marcellus do not even refer to the ghost with the masculine pronoun.

- Smith

The protagonist represents the blasting consciousness of death.

- Knight

In the sad, soldierly orders and martial praise of Fortinbras, the play finds its perfect consummation.

- Miles

Hamlet strives to separate his noble qualities from the circumstance and treachery against which he has struggled.

- Moriarty

It is his readiness to spy upon others that brings about his downfall.

- Altick

Regardless of the fact that Claudius killed Hamlet's father, punishment and the right to issue justice is reserved for God.

- Black

Ophelia loses her identity as a woman by allowing herself to be moulded by men.

- Brown

Far from breaking free of her 'prescribed roles', Ophelia becomes preoccupied with them.

- Brown

The work favours a world view that is entirely secular.