Why Is Hamlet A Revenge Tragedy

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In this essay, I will be discussing on whether hamlet is a revenge tragedy or not. I will have an introduction to introduce the subject, a main body of text to solidify my argument and then a conclusion to summarise my argument and everything I have mentioned previously in the essay. I will also have a bibliography which I will attach to this essay which will contain all the information that I have collated from the different sources I have used in this essay. In this introduction I will introduce the subject and state what I think the question means and how I am going to answer the question.
“Is hamlet a revenge tragedy or not?” what does this question mean? I personally think it means that because of the way the play is set up and it may
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I will approach this essay by using different sources such as books and internet articles so that I can get a better understanding of how hamlet the play is viewed by others and how they may interpret the play this will help me to solidify my argument of whether hamlet is a revenge tragedy or not.
In this section of my essay I will explain the play Hamlet in depth and then I will argue as to whether or not I feel that Hamlet is a revenge tragedy.
Hamlet is the prince of Denmark and his father has just died and his mother has remarried his uncle Claudius who has now become the new, nothing was suspicious about hamlets father’ death until his father appeared to him as a ghost and informs him that Claudius killed him committing the act of treason. Hamlets’ sanity is questioned throughout the play as he is the only other living being that can see the ghost. Hamlets father makes him promise to avenge his death and hamlet promises to do so thus putting a strain on his relationship with others such as his mother Gertrude, Ophelia the young lady he is currently courting and Polonius Ophelia’s father. Hamlet is courting Ophelia a young innocent girl who is desperate for hamlets love and she so

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