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What is subfertiltity

failure to conceive after 1 year

What is the difference between primary and secondary subfertiltiy ?

primary means no conception before

secondary is have previous conception

What are common bacterial infection of vagina

bacterial vaginitis Gandella

only mild itching and burning in vulva -> sometimes overlooked

fishy grey white yellow discharge

What is the common fungi infection of vagina ?


redness and itching in the vulva and vaginal area , painful intercourse

thick like cheese discharge no smell

What is the common fungi infection of trichmoniasis


-itch and burning , painful intercouse

frothy green strong odor discharge

what is Vulvitis?

a symptom of inflmmation from other causes or infection

what are some risk factor for vulvitis ?

poor hygene stress , dm , infection

What is PID ?

inflmmation of the upper genital tract , from endometritis upward

What is the most common cause of PID ?

chlyamdia or gonorrhea

invasive producere is rare

WHat is the SS of PID ?

discomfort around abdominal area

-pelvic pain

-abdominal cramps /pain


-UTI possible




high fever


nasuea and vomiting

what are some complication of PID

scarring causes ectopic pregancy -> scaring prevent egg devliery

tubular dmg - infertiltiaty

What are the managment for PID

Acute pain

patient education for preventing risk of transmission

WHat are some way to prevent PID

teach risk factor and recurrence of disease

single sexual partner

general hygene

use of condom and

early treatment and sexua rusj assessment

regular chlydmia testing for 25 or young er

What could cause non infectious mastitis ?

milk stasis ->poor feeding technqiue / pressure blocking ductts

what is the main way mastitis is infected

from hand to nose and throat of baby 1

What are the ss of mastisits


temp high

tenderness unilateral

malaise flu

what is the managment of mastitis

General care of fever

(discontinue feeding from the affected breast)

supportive measure

-cold compress


-avoid tight clothing

-rest and hydration

-proper technique

a/b treatment with pencilian group

What are the nursing care of ectopic pregnacy

Monitor pain level -> indicate rupture

vital sign -> shock

transient and mild pain is normal

report for heavy vaginal bleeding , dizziness and tacycardia

HCG level -> could indicate abortiuon

What are the nursing process if there are rupture from the ectopic pregancy ?


-evidence for shock

-pain level

-emotional and coping ability

Nursing Care

-if shock replacement therapy

-knowledge of the surgery

-IV infusion

-blood taking

-pre-op managment , and monitor BP


What are the discharge planning for ectopic pregrancy

wound care

antenatal check up

what is the most obvious sign of molar pregnacy

grape like tissue being passed out

What are the other sign of molar pregnacy

exaggerated ss of pregancy

vaginal bleeding

what are the nursing process for molar pregnancy


-understadning the disease

monitor vital sign , vingal bleed ing etc. read for pre op

emotional support

oxytocin stimulate contraction and prevent haemorrhapge

follow up and delay pregrancy

WHat is D&C indicate for

control bleeding , in complete and missed abortion

obtain tissue

What is the most common gyno cancer


What is the most signficant manifestion for uterine cancer

postmenoause bleeding




How to prevent uterinue cancer

estrogen decrease

control weight

report abnomrility


What are some risk factor for Cervical cancer

HPV infection



vit d defincecy

family history

How to diangose for cervical cancer ?

pap smear

what are the manifestation of cervial cancer ?

abonromal bleeding
-> anemia

pelvic pain

abnormalty with genito unriary system

weight lost

How to prevent Cervical cancer

reduce exposure to smoking

HPV screening + vaccine

safe in sexual acitvity

What are the preop care for hysterectomy


-assess emotional and coping ablitity

-ressurence sexual activity can be maintained

-Lost of fertitlity


-Clear bladder and fleet enema

- informaiton and clarify misconception

-anti coauglant med discontinue

-skin prep, shaving of pubic hair and bath

What are some physiological changes in Menopause

In short term

-hot flush , night sweats palpitation


-memory loss , insomina irritablity


-vaginal atrophy


skin hair and nail changes

hair loss

loss of elastic

long term osteroporisis


WHat are some nursing mangamgnet for menopause

provide information of the changes and explain phsiological changes

encourage expression of fear and anexity , allow clear up of misconception

encourage regular screening

reassure sexual activity could be maintained

healhty lifestyle

discuss HRT -> monitor side effect

selfcare -> prevent osterioprosis , vaginal dryness , pelvic floor

What are the SS of ovian cancer

usually spread beyond pelvis , causing leg pain , abomdimnal swelling , longterm stomach pain back pain , anexity , weight loss

WHat is the most signifcat risk factor for Vulvar cancer


STD, age

What are the SS of vulvar cancer

local itching and ulcer thick lump on vulvar , unusaly odor

what is the complciation of ammenohea

infertitlity -> no healthy eggs