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early period sp qi xu?
bu zhong yi gi tang
early period kd qi xu?
gui rong bu chong tang & shou tai wan
early period bld H?
qing jing san
early period lqs w/bld H?
jia wei xiao yao san
early period xu H?
liang di tang
late period sp qi xu leading to bld xu?
ren shen yang rong tang
late period full C?
wen jing tang
late period xu C?
ai fu nuan geng wan
late period kd yang xu?
jin gui shen qi wan
late period lqs?
xiao yao san
irregular period lqs?
ding jing tang
irregular period kd yang xu?
jin gui shen qi wan
irregular period kd yin xu?
lui wei di haung wan
heavy period sp qi xu?
ju yuan jian
heavy period bld H?
bao yin jian
heavy period bld stasis?
si wu tang & shi xiao san
scanty period bld xu?
ba zhen tang
scanty period kd yang xu?
dang gui di huang yin
scanty period kd yin zu?
zuo gui wan
scanty period P obstructing U?
cang fu dao tan wan
scanty period bld stasis?
ge xia zhu yu tang
long period qi stasis?
si wu tang & jin ling san
long period kd yin xu w/xu H?
liang di tang & er zhi wan
painful period qi stagn?
xiao yao san
painful period bld stasis?
ge xia zhu yu tang
painful period C stagn
wen jing tang
painful period DH?
qing re tiao xue tang
painful period qi/bld xu?
shi quan da bu tang
painful period kd/lv yin xu?
tao gan tang
bld between period lv/kd yin xu w/xu H?
liang di tang & er zhi wan
bld between period DH?
qing gan zhi lin tang
bld between period bld stagn?
zhu yu zhi xue tang
bld between period sp/kd yang xu?
gu ben zhi beng tang
no period lv/kd xu?
gui shen wan
no period bld xu?
ba zhen tang
no period sp qi xu w/bld xu?
gui pi tang
no period qi/bld stagn?
tao hong si wu tang & xiao yao san
no period DP in U?
cang fu dao tang wan & fo shou san
pms lqs?
yue ju wan
pms PH?
wen dan tang
pms lv bld xu?
xiao yao san
pms lv/kd yin xu?
yi guan jian
pms sp/kd yang xu?
you gui wan