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What does it mean that muscles are extensibility?
It contracts and extends w/ out damage
What does it mean that muscles are elastic?
Ability to return to original shape after contract/extend
What muscle is striated?
Cardiac and skeletal
What is the term for involuntary muscle?
Smooth and cardiac
What are 4 layers, starting w/ the layer surrounding muscle fibers?
Endomysium - Perimysium - Epimysium - Deep fascia (they are all extensoins of deep fascia)
What is the plasma membrane that surrounds each muscle fiber?
What is a muscle fiber composed of? What are these composed of?
Myofibrils of myofilaments
A - z disc
B - M line
C - z disc
D - I band
E - A band
F - I band
G - h zone
H - sacromere
What protein positions the THICK myofilaments?
What protein positions Thin myofilaments?
α-Actinin and Nebulin
Which of the following change in muscle contraction? A, I H?
I and H change NOT A
Which protein is the major component of THICK myofilaments?
A - heavy chain of Myosin
D - S1
E - S2
What is the funciton of S1 unit of Heavy Chain of Myosin?
Bind ATP - and Thick/Thin binding
What is the function of LMM?
It is part of the heavy chain of myosin, it binds myosin's together
What is the major component of thin myofilaments? What is this component composed of?
F-Actin of G-actin molecules
What do Myosin heads bind to?
The active site of g-actin molecules on thin filaments
What proteins are present in Thick filaments? Function?
Myosin ONLY
What proteins are present in Thin filaments? Function?
Tropomyosin - stabilize the helix, masks some active molecules
What are the components of Troponin?
Troponin C - calcium
Troponin I - binds actin to prevent actin-myosin interaction
Troponin T - binds to tropomyosin
What is the job of Troponin I?
Bind to actin, prevent actin-myosin
What is the job of Troponin T?
Bind to tropomyosin
What is the job of Troponin C?
Bind to calcium
Where does the calcium come from taht acts in muscle contraction? How is it made available?
It is stored in the Sarcoplasmic Reticulum of Muscles. It is released when an Action potential travels down a T-tubule. This is caused by ACh being released from the pre-synaptic membrane and binding to the post-synaptic clefts