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According to Schachter and Singer, how do emotional responses happen in order of appearance?
Physiological reaction, cognition, emotion
Which experiment indicated that behavioral traits could be partly hereditary?
Tyron's experiment with maze-bright and maze-dull rats
As opposed to longitudinal design, a cross-sectional study is able to control for
cohort effects
What test discriminates between groups?
Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)
Uniforms promote what effect?
A binocular cue used in depth perception is
Which area of the brain is the master of the endocrine system?
Pituitary gland
The scale of aggression has a +0.10 correlation with 4 other standardized aggression scales. Also, a correlation of +1 exists between the scores of any student who takes the scale of aggression twice. This indicates that the scale has
low concurrent validity but high reliability
What pair is incorrectly associated
Frankl to Cognitive Psychology