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Which type of elections do more voters vote?
Presidential or on year general elections
How did the 15th ammendment disenfranchise?
African Americans were supposed to get the right to vote but didn't, kkk, literacy tests, poll taxes
How do you prevent fraudulent voting practices?
Make you register
What where ways used to disenfranchise African Americans?
threats, poll tax, kkk, literacy tests
What are voter requirements?
must be 18, must be a citizen, must register/ have a residency
What is political effilacy?
the idea that people think politics count
What is the act that established a federal commission on voter discrimination?
1957 voter rights act
How do literacy tests work?
like meap gave white people an easy test and African Americans a hard one
How have voting rights expanded?
White male property owning church goers almost everyone can vote now just not aliens and under 18 basically
What is political socialization?
where you got your ideas, beliefs and values about government
What are some of the reasons for non-voting in the U.S.?
appathy, bad weather, out-of-town, no jury duty
What is ballot fatigue?
ballot is so long that people leave bottom blank
What was a poll tax used for?
disenfranchise African-Americans
What is the long-term trend in sufferage in America?
more people can vote/eligible
those that are eligible and actually vote
moving district lines to get an advantage in an election
being able to read and write
political socialization
where you get your ideas on government (parents, peers)
poll tax
must pay tax to vote
made to stop African Americans
split ticket voting
don't vote for all one party
people that don't have a resident
being able to vote
someone that is not influenced by parties
party independent
you don't identify with a party
political efficacy
whether you feel you have a say in government
ex) If michigan wanted to change something in voting system, they have to get preclearence from the federal government
straight ticket voting
vote all one party
residency requirements
made so people can't vote more than once
have right to vote but still tired to stop African Americans
mental illness/incompetance and votingq
not allowed to vote
time zone fallout
polls close in the east and they announce the winner with out the west
republican voters
conservative, middle/upper income, white, men, higher education
don't identify with a party
parental influence and voting
vote similar to parents when younger
religious affiliation and voting
strongly religous people are more likely to vote
women's sufferage
in 1920's
political socialization
where you get ideas for government and who influences you
suffrage qualification
over 18, U.S. citizen, have residence
purging poll books
taking names out that aren't eligible or dead`
felonies and voting
lost right to vote
democratic voters
union members, lower icome, lower education
age and voting
when you are older you are move likely to vote
federal vs. state on voting
states run elections federal has been involved since 1960's
legal voters
over 18 or 17 for primary if you will turn 18 for the real election
civil rights and voting