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Electoral College
This group officially elects the president of the United States
Two Party System
The United States has this type of party system
Ideological Parties
Political parties within multi party systems must form these to win Elections - this creates strength among the parties
One Party System
A single political party dominates a government
The party out of office acts as one of these. They ensure that the party in office is doing its job
Splinter Parties
Parties that break off from a major party
First political party that favored the ratification of the US Constitution; Favored a strong federal government
First political party that was against the ratification of the US Constitution; Favored a strong local government
Democratic Party
Political party that is socially liberal; Minorities, poor individuals and young people tend to favor this party
Republican Party
Political party that is socially conservative; Protestants, White males and Businessmen tend to favor this party
Those that fall to the extreme left of the political spectrum
Those that fall to the extreme right of the political spectrum
Universal Requirements To Vote
18 years old and a resident and citizen
The smallest political division for the purpose of organizing voters
Voter Apathy
The lack of motivation to vote
Exit Poll
A survey taken as you leave the polling place
26th Amendment
The right to vote for those 18 years of age or older
23rd Amendment
Washington D.C. was given 3 electoral votes
24th Amendment
Eliminated poll taxes
15th Amendment
Declared the right to vote cannot be denied based on race
19th Amendment
Gave women the right to vote
The right to vote
Primary Election
This type of election is held in most states to determine each party's candidates for presidency
Closed Primary
A primary election in which only declared party members can vote
Open Primary
A primary election in which any registered voter can vote
Non-partism Election
An election in which candidates are not affiliated with a political party
These groups are organized to support particular candidates and give money to those candidates in hopes that legislation will be passed in their favor
Political parties begin at this level, from the community level
This is written at each party's National Convention and is a formal statement of the party's principles and objectives
Individual components of the platform
Winning an election by more than half
Winning an election by the most votes
Drawing district lines to benefit one group or political party
Card Stacking
Propaganda technique in which only one side of an issue is presented
Glittering Generalities
Propaganda technique - Information sounds good but is meaningless
Propaganda technique - American flag, Donkey, Elephant, etc.
Just Plain Folks
Propaganda technique - Appearing to be like the average person
Propaganda technique - Urges people to follow the crowd
Name Calling
Propaganda technique - Attacks the opponent
Celebrity Testimonials
Propaganda technique - Uses the endorsement of someone well known
A technique of persuasion that is used to influence behavior
Interest Groups
Groups that share interests and hope to share public policy
Interest groups send these people to speak to the legislators on their behalf
The total number of electoral votes
Representatives + Senators
This is how you find the number of electors each state has
The total number of electoral votes needed to become president
The total number of electoral votes North Carolina has
The state that has the most electoral votes
House of Representatives
Elects the president if there is no majority in the Electoral College
Elects the vice president if there is no majority in the Electoral College
A Privilege
Voting is this because citizens should vote
Eligible voters
Soft Money
Money given to political parties that's unregulated by the government
An interest group that focuses on the interests of African Americans
An interest group that focuses on the interests of the elderly
The legislature sends issues to be voted on by the electorate
The people begin a petition to have an issue placed on the ballot
Recall Election
The people hold an election to vote the governor out of office
Ballot Fatigue
The phenomenon in which fewer votes are cast for offices further down the ballot
Straight Ticket
When one votes for all the candidates in a particular party
Split Ticket
When one votes for candidates from different political parties
A falsely written statement that defames a person
A false verbal statement that defames a person
One who holds office prior to an election
To deny or limit someone's voting rights
Ideological Parties
Parties that exist and focus around a certain set of beliefs