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Organization of petroleum Exporting Countries
the site of a nuclear power plant accident in the soviet Union
multinational corporation
enterprise with branches in many countries
selling off state-owned industries to private investors
one who raises an alarm about threats to the planet's fragile environment
acid rain
form of pollution in which toxic chemicals in the air come back to the earth as rain, now, or hail
global warming
worldwide temperature increase
How do the nations of the global North and global South depend on one another?
the nations of the global north control much of the world's capital, trade, and technology. But hey depend increasingly on low-paid workers in developing states to produce manufactured goods as inexpensively as possible
What obstacles do developing nations face?
- few natural resources, difficult climate,
- economic dependence on western industrialism
- socialism blocks economic growth
- warfare over health care and education
How has economic development increased the potential for widespread damage to the environment
- modern industry and agriculture have gobbled up natural resources and polluted much of the world's water, air, and soil
- strip mining destroyed land
chemical pesticides and fertilizers produced more food crops but harmed the soil and water