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What Latin American country has the largest number of large metropolitan areas?
Across which countries in South America does the Equator pass?
Ecuador, Columbia, and Brazil
In what modern country is the Yucatan Peninsula located?
Name two national capitals in Central America that are located on or near the seacoast.
Guatemala, Guatemala and El Salvador, San Salvador
Name the two mountain ranges that lie on either side of Mexico's central plateau
Sierra Madre Oriental and the Sierra Madre Occidental
What are the four largest islands in the Carribean Sea?
Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico
Between which two countries does the Llanos lie?
Columbia and Venezuela
What part of South America is most sparsely populated?
Central South America
What is the population density in central Mexico?
520 people per square mile
What areas of the Caribbean islands have the greatest population density?
Havana, San Juan, and Cuba
What group of Caribbean islands are closest to where hurricanes form?
Lesser Antilles
What kind of climate and vegetaion are found on the coast of Peru and northern Chile?
the highlands climate and arid climate, and desert vegetation
What kinds of vegetation are found on the Yucatan Peninsula?
Chaparrel, Tropical rain forest, and Tropical grassland
Where are tropical rain forests found in Latin America outside the Amazon Basin?
Most of Mexico, Central America, Tropical Islands, and parts of Uruguay
In what countries of South America do many people still live by livestock raising?
Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay
Name three countries that have deposits of silver or gold.
Panama (gold), Nicaragua (silver), and Mexico (gold)
In what areas of Latin America is commercial farming an important economic activity?
Southeastern Brazil, Cuba, and Eastern Argentina
Besides tourism, what other economic activities take place in the Caribbean islands? What islands have mineral resources?
Coal mining and Petroleum industries are important economic activities in the Caribbean. They have Nickel in Cuba
What economic activities take place in the areas settled by people of Indian ancestry?
hunting and gathering and subsistence farming
What are some landforms that dominate western Latin America?
Sierra Madre Oriental, Sierra Madre Occidental, and the Andes Mountains
What are the three groups of islands in the Caribbean region?
The Greater Antilles, The Lesser Antilles, and the Bahamas
Why are population patterns in Mesoamerica and in South America different?
Different people like to live in different areas
What is the largest country in Latin America?
What countries are at the border where Central America meets South America?
Panama and Columbia
Mexico (1)
Central America (7)
Caribbean (?)
South America (12)